Does your team use the Default code.

In the past, there hasn’t been a huge seperation between teams who have “good” custom code, and teams that simply used the default code with a few minor modifications.

This year’s competition is obviously quite a bit different with the introduction of the 15 second autonomous period. It’s clear that games can very easily be won or lost in this period and thus employing good custom code becomes a key element of strategy.

I’m curious as to how many teams in the past have used the default code with only slight modification versus rolling their own code from scratch.

We’ve typically wrote our own from scratch.

you forgot an option.

“Default Code with Major Modifications”

i find it easier to take the default code. it sets everything up for me, be it simple variables, or initializing the uP. i see no reason to make your own copy of this, especially if they do it for you.

after we gut out the default code, we just add our own “functions” for lack of a better term. then, we hope it all works, and download to the RC. worked fine for us last year, and i think it’s the best way to go.

Ah, correct.

This is actually how we do it too, so I guess “from scratch” is a bit misleading.

We pretty much gut eveything except the variable mapping and the serial commands and then work from there.

I suppose by “Code” I mean the logic of the program and not the complete text file, uP init and all.