DOG Gear Mixup

Playing around in CAD, and I noticed that the VexPro Dog latch fits in the Andymark Dog gears, although it’s a tight fit. Reason I posted this is to see if this would be something that can work on an actual gearbox.

I do like that there is a dog gear on Andymark that is 28T, which I found decent high/low speeds with in a combination with a larger VexPro dog gear (or a 48T andymark dog gear), and if a VexPro dog latch can fit in that 28t gear without problems, then that eliminates the need to make custom shifter shafts for an Andymark dog latch (as far as I’m concerned, no COTS shifter shafts for Andymark dog latches that is sold individually exists, except for a short one that does not work with my intentions).