Dog Gears

Well I’m not exactly sure on how the dog gear shifting style works. I know that its a funny looking gear on a hex shaft, but I don’t quite get how it shifts, particularly in the AndyMark two speeds. I’m looking to integrate 2 CIMs and a Fischer price into a custom two speed gearbox.

The whole thing with dog gears is that it allows you to shift gears without running the risk of ruining them. with a dog gear system all your gears are already connected to each other with the unused ones just free spinning and the shaft that they are on spinning from the other connected gears. It then shifts by moving the shaft and jamming that three pronged funny shaped thing (dog) into the matching holes on the gear,engaging the gear, which are much thicker and stronger than gear teeth minimizing the damage done while shifting. If you still need more information i suggest you look in the white papers at team 222’s tiger drive transmission, it isn’t dog gears but it will more clearly explain the shifting method that both use and is also another cool way of doing a multi-speed transmission. Hope this has been helpful

Check out this pic and let me know if you still can’t see how it works

There is a pretty good discussion on this here

I’d reccomend reading Tristan Lall’s excellent whitepaper here. This really helped me figure it out. (Really, the night I read it, I had a Eureka! moment.)