DOH! No wait... Happy new years...

Posted by Robby at 1/1/2001 9:03 PM EST

Other on team #108, The SigmaC@Ts, from AIFL and Motorola.

Heh, Bit late, but it did only turn into the new year for us not too long ago. I had hoped to make a FIRST New Years card similar to my Chrismas Card but that didnt work out. I didnt like the way it was coming out. so perhaps I’ll work on one for next year. If you are still interested in what I did get made til now, or would like me to still continue to work on a finished version, email me. With enough disgruntled FIRST-a-Holics who didnt recieve thier New Years card, perhaps I just may finish it.

The next holiday for a card would be groundhogs day. I know what I must do now. I’ll keep you updated at my site at sharingFIRST. Just take my background uploads as my new years greeting. I’ve also just uploaded another interesting mod of the FIRST logo, so look for that here. Other than that, see you all at the kickoff.

-Robby, aka Osh Kosh the unicycle kid
[email protected]