Doing some scouting, and confused...

So, this is my first year of intense scouting, and the Michigan tournament structure is confusing me a bit. Are the district competitions, say, similar to the semifinals? I mean that as those who come out on top of all the district competitions compete at MI state champs, and only those can go to the championship?
:confused: Please help me out on this.

Sort of.

All MI teams compete in 2 district competitions. At each district competition, the teams earn points towards the State Championship. The top X teams (usually around 65 or so) in points after all the districts are complete are invited to MSC. If a team doesn’t want to go, the next team on the list gets a spot.

District CA winners also get an automatic bid.

After MSC, the 3 RCA winners, the 3 winners, and 3 other teams (I think it’s 2 RAS and 1 EI) get slots at the Championship, along with the top 9 teams that are left (or appropriate subs for teams that don’t want to go). MI gets 18 total slots, not counting preregistration.

There’s a MI Rules Supplement somewhere on the FIRST in Michigan page. That may help you out a bit.

BTW, you don’t really need to do intense scouting, two words can describe the teams from MI going to the CMP : “Shock and Awe”

Yeah, I saw that. I have a list compiled of all regional winners, and I was like O_O.