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For any public or public charter school in the U.S., you are eligible to post projects on For those that are already using the site, congrats!
There will be a lot of buzz over the next two weeks about DonorsChoose and FIRST at the World Championship. Please, take time in the next few days to post a new project on DonorsChoose. We only have 150 projects for FIRST teams live right now and we would love to see it at over 250 projects. Traditionally, projects have been funded by generous donors at World Championship because they are introduced for the first time to this amazing fundraising platform.

Write a project for anything your team needs, supplies, tools, etc. No registration fees at this moment, please. Make sure you use “FIRST” Robotics, Tech, LEGO, etc. in your title or your “my student needs” sentence so donors can find the projects easily by typing in keywords “FIRST” and robotics. If you need help, email me at [email protected]. If you haven’t used yet, try it out this week and post your first project. There is nothing to lose. If you didn’t know, a few weeks ago RIPPLE flash funded the entire site, over 1100 FIRST projects were funded.

See you in Detroit.

Thank you so much for posting this thread! I’ve been trying to convince my mom to start a Jr. FLL team for the past couple years but it hadn’t come together for a variety of reasons (moving schools, teaching a new grade for the first time, difficulty getting funding, etc). I sent her this post and told her if she’s thinking of doing it next year she should post a project soon.

She posted her project earlier this week, it was approved and posted on the site earlier today, and it is already fully funded! Over half the donors are people we don’t know, who I assume found our project due to Champs publicity. Next year she will run the first Jr. FLL team in her district, and hopefully if it is successful the program will grow. Thanks for advertising this opportunity and nudging us to get the ball rolling and actually do it next year!

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Reviving this post! I wish I had thought to bump it a week ago but it’s not too late for Detroit :slight_smile:

Last year my mom did indeed start a Jr. FLL team with the money she raised from DonorsChoose getting flash-funded during Champs. It was a huge success and an awesome experience for the kids; she posted another project this week to create a second team at her school. If you or anyone you know is thinking about starting a team, I highly recommend taking advantage of the flash-funding that happens at Champs - my mom was on the fence about it for a couple of years, and getting the finances figured out made it all a little less daunting :slight_smile:

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