Don't D-Link Jam Yourself

This is a warning to future teams to avoid screwing up the way my team did today.

Don’t use previously flashed D-LINK radios as network switches or they will signal jam your own robot.

Today at Chesapeake District Championships, Team 449 could not connect to the field for our first several qualification matches. We were using an ancient D-LINK radio in not-bridging mode in our pit to act as a network switch to connect a Raspberry Pi, RoboRIO, and laptop so that we could work on a vision system between matches. However, we had not re-flashed the radio since it was last used in competition many years ago, and someone accidentally put the mode-selection switch on the D-LINK to bridging mode after we had initially set it. Thus, when we went on the field to play, the D-LINK would try to connect to the FMS before our robot, but not be able to connect since it was not flashed for the correct competition. Symptoms were that the robot would only connect to FMS when turned on off the field, closer to the FMS access point.


We put a tiny D-Link Gigabit switch right on our robot for this exact purpose. It’s powered off the VRM.

Yep. We got one of these for 5 or 10 points on AndyMark FIRST choice. It seems to work pretty well.