Don't Disturb the Programmers!

Also, if anyone needs help our kids mostly work with C stuff.

Share your programming moments! :slight_smile:

What?! You get a room to program in? Well we usually program on e table next to the robot… Which is in the middle of everything

Well… our programmers were in there because Wed-Fri last week we were in lock-down mode for exams, so we had to consolidate into two classrooms, and that small closet was in our tech room and they decided to stuff themselves in there.


our programmers are in the classroom next to the website kids then when we need them we call them over lol (come to the dark side :slight_smile: we have cookies)

You have a separate team for programming the website? :frowning: Man…time to switch teams…

no the programmers code the robot and website so we have to share them

I get the floor in the middle of the room, at least I have lots of room to spread out :slight_smile:

Last Saturday, our programming mentor left early because of the loud noises of the shop that gave her a headache!

We have a small room that is about ten by ten and we use it for electronics and programming and one of our mentors frequently locks it (which only doesn’t let people get in)so the five of us are not disturbed

We have an entire school library to ourselves, for now. It is also where the field is built.

Our programmers have a room in between our other rooms. They have blocked out all natural lighting and seem to be building a nest of ethernet cables. I’m thinking of putting in a Mountain Dew bottle for them. Probably won’t since we’d never get them out of there then.

Seriously, why do programmers have a nesting habit?

Disclaimer: I am a programmer but I have a couple people who are much more interested and I am needed elsewhere, I reserve the right to make fun of them.

I kind of want to build a blanket fort in our library now, lol.

You mean like, (Sorry for the FB link, it is the only place I have the picture anymore). Some back story, the first night of a term we were really bored and decided to build a fort so we used some extra shelving units and built that. It stayed up for 2 more weeks. People were so confused to see a bunch of college students having a blanket fort.

Couple tips though, make sure it is stable and that you have adequate air flow. Also, NEVER think about soldering in there.

This is an interesting question, but I don’t know the answer. I can understand the darkened room (less screen glare). We recently got window shades and I was thinking that it would be nice to put little motors on them to automatically pull them closed when the programming computers turn on…

On a similar vein, why do the shop people come into our field room and work on the robot right there? The other day they were tearing apart the robot literally two steps inside the door, and everyone else was tripping over them to get around them. This is a 1000 sf room and you picked here? (Not to mention that they have their own shop room.)

The only good decision setting up this room was the soda machine is at the opposite end of the room from the entrance and from the programmers. It’s the only exercise they get sometimes…

Oh, geeze, don’t even suggest a blanket fort!

Our programming subteam–or, as I like to call it, “my minions and I”–does all our work ten feet away from mechanical’s very loud set of table saws.

The best thing about programming on our team is we make a program for the possibilities of what the build team could build and build test platforms to run the code and most of the time are done before the robot

Our programmer(s?) get a table in the corner surrounded by the electrical work. But then again a maximum group of 5 people with one laptop and one netbook doesn’t really need much more room, so it all works out

We have a “computer shack” in our shop that houses the programmer and our fancy PCs.

The 2 programmers on the team and I have resorted to using the small hallway near the room as our nest. Far enough away from the room so that the machines are not overpowering any discussion that might happen, but also close enough to the door outside since we have to get online using tethering or hope its a nice day to get optimum wifi.

School won’t give the team the password for the wifi, not since the incident …


lol all I get is a dirty table covered with electronics and scrap metal under a malfunctioning heating system, you get a nice cozy quiet room