Don't Do What Seanny Don't Does

For the entertainment of the FIRST community, we bring you the ongoing antics of Sean Killey (AKA “Seanny Don’t”). He’s going to give you all a lesson in safety. Remember children, Don’t Do What Seanny Don’t Does.

More Lessons on the way. I’ll keep an archive up at

Photo Credit: Harrison Ruess :wink:

Over the weeks ahead, we hope that you can all learn from the mistakes that Sean makes.

In this case, the lesson is simple: Do not drill holes in your hands. Please use wood, metal, or plastics on the drill press.

(note for concerned people, all safety precautions have been taken while making these, and Sean is infact never in any real danger)


*Originally posted by Mike Iantorno *
Remember children, Don’t Do What Seanny Don’t Does.

Eh, that’s something only Canadians have to worry about. Or is it aboot?

Unusually large grin :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, just had to get that rip in there. Anyways… looks funny… can’t wait to see the next installment.

atleast hes wearing saftey glasses

Ya it’s a good thing he is wearing those safety glasses…it really sucks getting flesh and bone in your eyes.

This is absolutely lovely! I think that’s all I have to say… yeah…

Keep it coming!

hey every one… this is Seanny Don’t…
I just have a couple of things to say… yes i have intended on keeping this thing going… my friends and I have some pretty crazy antics planned:D … so look out for some updates… you can also check them out on our website…

and on another note… this thing we call FIRST is supposed to be fun… so enjoy it…have fun building your bot… i certainly am :stuck_out_tongue:

so until next time, CHEERS!


what font did you use for that pic…I think I want it

The font is Olli Compolli. You can get it at a bunch of different font sites, but its easiest to download here:

Mike, if I download a font from that site, it comes to me as a .zip file, if i unzip it, where should I extract it to?

Inside the zip, there should be a .ttf file. Add that to C:\Windows\Fonts\ then it should work.

*Originally posted by evulish *
**Inside the zip, there should be a .ttf file. Add that to C:\Windows\Fonts\ then it should work. **

It doesn’t work!

You cant just put it in the folder.

Unzip the ZIP file to somewhere, then open up your Fonts folder.

In the File menu of it, there is an option called “Install new font”. Select that.

Then find wherever you unzipped the file to, select the font, and hit install.

C: Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Fonts is where I put it. This is assuming that you have Photoshop or some other Adobe application installed.

If you don’t have any Adobe programs, goto the Windows basic folder (Can have different names, mine is WINNT for example) then put it in the fonts folder. This is just located in the C drive

Stupid light, never a good place to put it.


Well, it looks like today Sean has gotten into a bit of trouble with the hand drill. Hopefully it won’t end badly. Remember, Don’t Do What Seanny Don’t Does.

oh seany…when willst thou learn?

Could you guys please post a picture of the “after” effects of what Seanny Don’t does- I still don’t comprehend the dangers exhibited in your pictures…

Thanks in advance


Those funny Canadians… :smiley:

*Originally posted by GregT *

Stupid light, never a good place to put it.

Greg **

At least its not the light we are using this year…