Don't FORCE the Issue

So I was thinking, again and late at night, that you should only use force when you have 2 blocks in the force slot. This is because I believe that for most of the match the teams will always have control of their switch and the scale will be the thing that is mainly fought for. So since a two block force gives you control of the scale I would assume that it would be advantageous to only use force when there are two blocks in it.
Again it’s late at night and I might not be thinking straight, but hey it’s just an idea.

It is unlikely (hopefully) that you won’t have control over your switch, especially if you are in an alliance with robots that are capable of placing power cubes in your switch.

Regarding the force power up, I agree with only using it when you have two cubes in the force slot. I think it would only be useful when struggling for control over the scale. The two cubes give you 10 points and another guaranteed 10 points (1pt/s for 10s). The power-up also gives you 10 seconds to regain control over the scale.

However, although there is not much point in placing another cube in the force slot when you already have two in there and IF you have control over your switch, if there is spare time, another cube in the slot does give you an extra 5 points.

Why do people seem to be assuming that control over their switch is a given? Your opponent has human load stations closer to your switch than you do. If I’m slightly outmatched on scale scoring, I know where I’m going to try and make up the difference.