dont pay attention to this

… why are u here?

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**… why are u here? **

Blizzard banned your owning D2 account because you cheated.

Have a nice day.

Cleanup Aisle Two, where’s a mod when ya need em? ambles off looking for moderator

Seriously, why do people feel the need to do this?

I dont know about anyone else, but i am here because of my extreme interest in FIRST and its mission, to get students into engineering, as a college student i lend insight and expirience to my students and in turn they show me respect (kinda) and friendship

I’m here for the free food. The flyers I saw said there’d be two student bands, free food and drink, and hackey sack.

I stayed for the robots.

This is a joke. There were no flyers, and no live music (well, unless you consider…).

i brought a hacky sack. Dirt bags all the way!

I am here cuz I thought everyone would only post insightful/interesting messages in the CD forum. I guess that’s not the case anymore.

I think I won’t be posting much until people start taking this place a little more serious. Have “fun”.

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**… why are u here? **

cause I wasnt paying attention, and THIS is where I ended up

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**… why are u here? **
Because I have faith in FIRST and in the people involved int he program. I’m here for the people, the teaching and learning, the fun, the stress – all of it.

Why are you here?

As I clicked the reply button, I noticed the spotlight quote on the top of my screen was this:

“Before you post, ask yourself: Is there a good reason to post this?” - Jeff Waegelin

Funny how things work out like that, hm?

NOOO! dont Follow the Dark path to Banning, It will not make you happy, Trust me

I’m here because I was the chicken, and I was first.


Andy B.

I’m here because I’m not some place else.

It’s a silly question really…
Dinosaur’s had eggs waaaaaaaay before chickens.

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**… why are u here? **

I’m here to move this into the Chit Chat forum, where it belongs. I’m in a ‘its too late, i should be sleeping, im cranky’ mood, too. And you upset Ken L. … you lose your bonus points.

I’m here to unintentionally offer insightful quotes, as Katie’s post shows :smiley:

to take up space and stalk members of other FIRST teams around the country :wink:

I’m here to laugh and be frightened by Brandon’s post…don’t cross him, we saw what he did to that laptop at IRI when people misued the boards.

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to take up space

ooooohhhhhh! you want to be an astronaut!


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**… why are u here? **

Cause I got no place else to go! -Richard Greer

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**… why are u here? **

oh… ooops… sorrrry, I think I made a wrong turn back at “Other”
… ah… was just looking for the I restroom.

I’ll just close this door and leave you all… to do… whatever you are doing…ah…slam

(… no more extra meat pizza and surfing CD late at night again)