DON'T Recalibrate Victors!

Teams should NOT have to recalibrate their Victors in order to get their Victors to go to full forward (LED Green) and full reverse (LED Red).

Here is the two most likely problems if you cannot get your Victors LED’s to go green or red:
#1 Your throttle is set low (Yes, Virginia, there is a throttle – doesn’t ANYBODY read the App Notes?).
#2 Your trim is out of wack.

If you have a problem here is the proceedure to follow to get controller back in to ship shape (FYI, I personally checked every control system that we shipped so I know they were working right when they were shipped):

#1 If you recalibrated the Victors, get them back to Factor Calibration – no I am not going to tell you how to do it, you got the Innovation First manual out to learn how to calibrate them, get it out again to learn how to undo the calibration – it is very easy)

#2 Push the throttle to full blast (see the App Notes to learn where that is – hint: it is on the left side of joystick 1)

#3 Adjust the trims on the Y axis of Joysticks 1 and 2 such that the LED’s of Victors 1 and 2, respectively, are orange when the joysticks are in the middle of travel. Put tape over the trims to keep them from moving. FYI, the Y axis trims are on the right side of the joysticks.

That is it! Push your joysticks full forward and full back. The LED’s should go green and then red.

If you are training a new driver or if you are trying to get more sensitive control, you can turn your throttle down. Don’t forget to turn it back up again when you want full power.

See you at the Competition.

Joe J.