Don't throw away the messed up parts- Donate them to Timmy!!

Posted by colleen - T190 at 2/18/2001 4:52 PM EST

Engineer on team #190, Gompei, from Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science and WPI.

Ever screw up parts??

Don’t know what to do??

Don’t worry! Just donate them to the Hampster Playground!!

Imagine your parts sitting right next to the Hampster Sit 'n Spin ™! How cool would that be!??!

So look for the kid pictured on the left side of the pneumatics box and give them to him!

(Especially you JoeJ-- we know you have that sprocket waiting for us in Connecticut… we need it for torque transfer to the Sit 'n Spin!)


p.s. We need a motor to power the sprocket too… if anyone has one they messed up too :slight_smile: