Don't throw away your non-working CH Flightsticks, repair them!

I’ve split this post off from another thread, as I believe that it needs notice by itself. I haven’t seen one mention of CH Products’ parts website at ever. Many teams throw out their CH Flightsticks and have to look for other options when the potentiometers or springs start to get bad, when all they need to do is visit the parts website and order replacements. The replacements are very simple to do, and typically only require about 20-30 minutes and a soldering iron for the potentiometers.

throw something away? blasphemy

If the Black CH joysticks are getting loosey goosey, PULL THE SPRINGS OUT OF THE NEW WHITE JOYSTICKS AND PUT THEM IN THE OLD BLACK CH JOYSTICK AND WALLA - LIKE NEW (actually better than new, IMHO)!!

where can we buy the older flightsticks that came with the kits back a few years ago??

They are no longer being manufactured. Your best bets are eBay and CD-Swap.