Don'tMessWithTexas Week 2 Wrapup + Week 3 Analysis

Alright folks. We’re not gonna sit around while all of y’all listen to these phonies talk about the West Coast being the best coast - we all know the best coast is down here in the South.

The best teams come out of the only state to ever have been its own country, and statistically that’s quite true. Take a look at the following data:

Clearly, the drought in California applies not just to their water supply but also to their championship alliance captain success, seems like Texas has to do the heavy lifting as usual. But hey, they’re doing a lot better than our friends up north - hopefully the snow in Canada doesn’t keep them out of the final matches this year!

But that’s enough about the past, let’s showcase some of the great teams that often go unnoticed because our state is so big. Everything’s bigger in Texas, even the regionals: 66 teams competed at the Alamo regional in San Antonio. 9 more teams and we might as well have a Texas division at champs.

Not much to say about the results, two Texan powerhouses paired up in San Antonio to take home the gold; **148 **and [strike]624[/strike] **231 **rolled through the playoffs without dropping a single match. However, they got some scares out of the finalist alliance led by 3005 (or was it 3679? Sometimes we at Don’tMessWithTexas couldn’t tell who was the top dog on this alliance), the RoboChargers, who have consistently been making powerful machines, but always in the shadow of the other Dallas performers like 148, 3310, 1296, and 2848. Luckily, thanks to the wildcard system 3005 will be headed to the Championship, along with 231, bringing more power out of the South to St. Louis. The All-Sparks couldn’t get everything dialed in this weekend, and without a championship ticket punched in from last season, they’ll be looking to up their game at the Dallas Regional. Can’t forget about CRyptonite, who despite a mediocre qualifications performance led the alliance to a score of 161 in the quarterfinals, showing why they were the second overall pick before being routed in the finals. 2468 and **3481 **were the other premier shooters of the event, the former being inches away from a finals appearance with their breaching partners 4063, which would’ve meant a bid to championships for 2468, being the alliance captain. **2158 **and **1477 **both had stellar machines as well, and congratulations to 1477 on their RCA win, taking them to St. Louis.

Also, do other regions even know what defense is? Seems like everyone else is afraid to get their hands dirty when the robots get up close and personal. We drive pick-up trucks for a reason, so stay out of our way.

Now that we’ve analyzed all the Texas events that went on this past week, let’s look at what’s coming up week 3. Oh…seems like there aren’t any because they’re all trying to expand the borders of Texas for when we secede. Be on the lookout for Texan teams as close as Louisiana or as far as Utah - we’ve already had multiple teams (118, 3310) win away regionals this season in places like Toronto and Rock City!

#MURICA. We’ll invite Texas into the Cool Kids Club as long as we can promise to keep Canada out.

Also proves Houston will be best champs as we have the West Coast Best Coast and the great AMERICAN state of Texas! #2champsbestchamp

If these accounts arent all the same person im going to flip.

It’s a shame California doesn’t actually have any water to apply.

Sure about that, Texas? Empire

Thanks for the fact check! We meant to say the best state to have been its own country!

Sure about that? Last I checked, we don’t get hurricanes out here. And not a lot of places get triple digits. Admittedly, you gotta pay more to live out here, which is why all the Californians are going to Texas (which will soon become East California by the numbers).

And obviously, Texans are smart. That’s why they picked 3 California teams for their alliance last year.

Speaking of past Championship Alliance Captains… 10 years before that nice little graph, there was a CA-based team that won the Championship as an alliance captain.

It’s not the first time.

Yeah, but out west the ground literally shakes in fear of Texas teams, so…

This has got to be one of the best things on CD in quite a while. I’m highly entertained.

Hey, I take offence SIR!

At least be accurate with your imagery

Apply cold water to Burned Area!
This is California after all.

too bad you dont have any water to put the fire out

We feel that joke has probably gotten extinguished at this point.

Hi DontMessWithTexas Team,

Thanks for this post, it helped me know about good teams in Texas while still having a good laugh! I’ve gone on their TheBlueAlliance page and found out Texas has a couple world champions! I’ll be sure to watch out for these teams now.

Best Regards,

Yea, its shame they have to extinguish the fires because they have no water

Rivet Man, when ever you post you sound very sarcastic. pls confirm

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OK, if Texas is so great, why did your alliance captain not only leave Texas, but also leave the US, to play it’s first competition??? :wink:

expanding the boundaries of texas duh also to prove how good texas is

They’re just spreading the news so those other Regionals will realize they should move their operations to Texas.