Donught considdered extention of robot?

[LEFT]i was trying to think of a few stragites and one involved using an innertube to obstruct the human player chute. as breaking that plane with a a robot arm would result in disabling the robot. after finding rule G23 that ruled that out…[/LEFT]

[LEFT]the rule on possetion adresess that only one innertube can be manipulated at a time but does not adress weather the innertube is considdered an extention of the robot while in possesion… [/LEFT]

[LEFT]this would be inportant to know if infact a robot used the donught as a boxing glove to topple over another robot by agressively contacting it “out of the bumper zone”[/LEFT]

[LEFT]<S03>[size=2]ROBOTS cannot break the plane of the CHUTE. Violating this rule may result in the ****disabling of the ROBOT for the remainder of the match.[/size][/LEFT]

**<G23> **
[LEFT]**GAME PIECES through CHUTE – GAME PIECES may be entered onto the field through the****CHUTE (see Rule <G08>). ROBOTS may not pass GAME PIECES from the Playing Field **through the CHUTE into the Alliance Zone.

[LEFT][FONT=Arial-BoldMT]**<G09> **[/LEFT]
[LEFT][size=2]**POSSESSION - ROBOTS may only have 1 (one) GAME PIECE in their POSSESSION at ****any time during the match. A 10-point penalty will be assessed for each infraction. ****Inadvertent bulldozing of GAME PIECES while the ROBOT moves around the field is **allowed. Controlled “herding” of a single GAME PIECE lying on the floor is permitted as[/size]
[LEFT]**long as no other GAME PIECE is in the POSSESSION of the ROBOT. Herding of multiple ****GAME PIECES, or herding of a GAME PIECE on the floor while in POSSESSION of another ****GAME PIECE is not permitted (as this would be considered POSSESSION of more than **one GAME PIECE). GAME PIECES may fall on to a ROBOT during the course of normal
**game play (e.g. a RINGER falls on a ROBOT while attempting to HANG it on a Spider Leg). ****In such cases, GAME PIECES that are already in the POSSESSION of the ROBOT may be **played. However, the additional GAME PIECE must be removed from the ROBOT (either
by the ROBOT or by an ALLIANCE partner) before it can POSSESS a new GAME PIECE. ****GAME PIECES may not be intentionally placed on opposing ROBOTS for the purpose of ****causing a violation of this rule. Any such GAME PIECE placements will not be considered ****in POSSESSION of the affected ROBOT, and will be ignored.[/LEFT]


IMO, your idea of “agressively contacting” a robot with the innertube isn’t within the spirit of the game. The idea is to out score the other alliance, not break them!

You’d run the risk of popping the innertubes using them as “boxing gloves,” and that probably would be interpreted as intentional field damage.

Well the other robots shouldn’t be in the way of the boxing glove :rolleyes:

On a more serious note, couldn’t the other team just launch the inner tubes over the top of the player station?

More specificaly using this “boxing glove” to do what’s known in basketball as Goletending. obstructing scoring up high. witch is not intended to dammage other robots

Until an official word is given by Dave or someone else on FRC staff, you should probably assume that using a ringer as a weapon is not allowed. That just isn’t in the spirit of the game. Plus, as Fuzzy said, you will probably pop the tube and be accused of intentional field damage.

Well, the easiest way to obstruct a score up high is to place a ringer on the spider up high!:slight_smile:

Not if the other team’s only method of collecting inner tubes is through the chute.