Doom Running on roboRIO

We got DOOM running on our roboRIO :partying_face:


Wouldn’t have been possible without Team 303’s original port!


This is one of the greatest accomplishments in FIRST history. True trailblazers.



Now link the direction you’re facing in-game to a gyro on the robot

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You can! Using the mouse event and storing the difference then scaling by the screen width.

That actually sounds kinda fun in a janky sort of way. Not at all practical, but then again neither is running Doom on a Rio in the first place!

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I might buy 2 mini-pc’s for photon vision and when we’re at competitions have one run doom for anyone to play at from our pits :joy:

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This is genius, I might need to steal your idea lmao

My only request if you do is picture proof!!

If I’ve got time along with build season and homework, I absolutely will post some pics!

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Obligatory quote:


I updated the code so it no longer requires a USB camera attavhed to the rio and has the ability to switch weapons using the POV now. Should be much easier to play.


I just spent the last hour playing doom this way XD. I kept dying on level 2!

Much more fun to play with doom soundtrack on tho.