Doom3 or Half Life 2?

Which one is on your wish list?

Franlly, Doom 3 is looking to be a disappointment. Its technologies were groundbreaking years ago (when it was supposed to be released) and from the latest trailer, the single player action looks pretty lame (hold the mouse button down on some big scary targets). But the real reason Doom 3 won’t be able to compete with HL2 is the smaller user base that it will have.

The only reason HL was so succesful was all the great mods that were available for it. Valve realized this and is making sure even greater things will be avaible to modders. Buy HL2 and you get a bunch of free mods that give you many games fro the price of one. The problem is, it takes a lot of users to have a lot of mods. HL2 will provide this simply by the hordes and hordes (millions) of HL players that will (or have already) buy/bought it.

Neither, KOTOR 2 and SWG Jump to Lightspeed are both on my wish list hint hitn to my friends since my birthday is comming up :stuck_out_tongue:

But I didin’t ask that Mike!!! :rolleyes:

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I have to agree with Mike. Neither of those games are what I’m waiting for.

What am I waiting for?

Fable for Xbox will be the best console RPG since Morrowind. I’m itching to get my hands on it!

Guild Wars will do for MMOs what Diablo did for Hack n Slash. It’s totally going to revolutionize the genre.

I’m looking forward to both coming out…but as of now I’m looking towards Doom3 more cuz I can atleast expect it to be on XBOX in October. Half-Life 2 looks good but until they can promise me a XBOX date then it’s gonna stay low on the wish list

I don’t see Tribes: Vengence on the list!

Well, I’ve played an hour of Doom 3 and it’s pretty cool. I’m not sure it’ll live up to the hype, though. If you’re looking for some serious eye candy, check-out the demo of Painkiller. Demo 2, “city on water”, looks like Venice, Italy and is quite striking.


Arg! I don’t think you guys get it! HL2 is going to be the game. It is going to destroy even HL1’s monumental success. Valve already has at least 3 or 4 mods from HL remade for HL2. They can cover the entire FPS world (and with the exandability of the new engine. more) with one game, it has to work.

What’s exciting about the two is that they concentrate on two different technologies. I’ve played the leaked alphas of both games and I’ve played about 6 hours of Doom 3.

Half-Life 2:
The graphics aren’t the big draw here, it’s the physics engine. The way you can interact with almost every object is just amazing. Items in the enviroment act just like they would with the gravity on Earth. You can also play with almost everything (toss stuff around).

Doom 3:
I am so hooked on this game. The graphics and the sound are the key aspects. The game is so realistic that it’s actually scary to play in a dark room. My heart pounds while playing as if I was watching a scary movie. The game draws you in and when you least expect it a new monster shows up, sending you jumping out of your seat in suprise. The game does an excellent job fading the music in and out depending on the situation. A constant menacing laughter sends shivers down your spine. Bottom line: Get Doom 3 and play it with the lights off between the hours of 11pm and 4am… you’ll love it.

I can’t say I’m too fond of either, but I guess I’d say half life, just because my experience with it is good and I’ve never been too fond of Doom.

On an offhand note, my opinion should be taken into account not based on my lack of knowledge, but rather on the fact that I’m purely old school…my life in all its essence is based around Super Mario World for SuperNintendo, a game and system which have been my crazy lovers since the beginning of time. That is all ^^.

I have to go with Half Life 2 because of all the mods and the great physics engine, plus the fact that I enjoyed the first one so much.

I’d hold comment on the graphics if I were you. From what I have seen from official screenshots/video and alpha screenshots, there is a lot of difference. All sorts of textures missing and stuff in the Alpha and unless you were playing with Radeon 9800 Pro/GeforceFX 5950 at the time, you definitley didn’t have the full compliment of DX9 features (Pixel Shaders :D) and a resolution of 1024x768+.

That’s good to hear, from the trailer, it was looking pretty boring… Half the trailer was the player back pedaling while holding fire at a big monster right in front of him. If they can make it scary, that will definitley help.

OK… long post time =D

Doom3: To much hype IMO, and it has a LOT to live up to. Game looks spectacular even for low level PC’s which makes it enjoyable for everyone, which is always a good thing. I will not dis it’s SP (single-player) in anyway shape or forum, as it brings fear to those who play it, in the dark, with surround sound blaring. The main disappointments for the game is its MP(multi-player) mode. Only a 4 player DM(DeathMatch), or TDM(Team Deathmatch) is available, and will kill the games life, until the modders come with Doom3Fortress (team fortress ported) and CTF(Capture The Flag) modes, allowing more than 4 people (expecting 10-16).

HL2: Half-Life 2 - Most Awaited Sequel debatable EVER!!! With the best physics in any game ever seen, amazing graphics, and great story!!! (the biggest thing Doom3 lacks as a FPS(First Person Shooter)). This game will go above and beyond (from what it seems) what HL 1 did. If this is so it will be the best FPS ever, and set a very high standard for FPS. Aside from that, if it does (or doesn’t) incorporate HL1 on the source engine, there will still be modders that make HL1 playable on the new engine (which i will do prior to playing HL2). Then the rumors of CS+CS:CZ(Counter Strike + Counter Strike : Condition Zero) being packaged is just beyond Online Gamers dreams!!! (as with the original TFC(Team Fortress Classic), and most likely the other popular mods) but also the rumor of Team-Fortress 2 being packaged just blows my mind (i still play TFC). If the rumors are true, and game lives up to the original, it will be the best FPS ever.

KOTOR2: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - Most Awaited RPG (Role Playing Game) sequel (shall i say ever again??) i have never played an RPG (not even FF(Final Fantasy)) until i played KOTOR on the PC (yes i will wait for the PC version and not play it on the XBOX) with a new story (the first one still baffles me when i think about how great the twists and plots were and how you could modify everything from just 1 mistake or 1 change of a line in dialog). It games the game a great replay value, and with updated graphics, and more items, moves, and area’s, this game looks unbelievable!!

SWG:JTLS: Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Light Speed - Its bringing SWG what should have been there from the start!! as much as i liked SWG, it got old to quick, and i think this will wear out as well. It all depends on how they can mesh the worlds, and space together, without losing the Star Wars community feeling in main city’s like Cornet.

WOW: World of Warcraft - Looks unbelievable. Great Cartoonish graphics, and Finlay brings the worldcraft world to life, and you live in it. I don’t think it will be as big as Everquest 2, but will be great for any MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) lover, and Warcraft fans.

Everquest 2: Sequel to the best ever, and biggest MMORPG. 'nough said (and I’ve type allot already =P

Guild wars: another MMORPG (but its free per month!!) just the initial fee for the game, but expect monthly or bi-monthly expansion packs, that you will need to buy to stay ub3r in the game, which is where they will get your money… looks great and may revolutionize the genre.

blah… more to come!!! lol… something for all i think!?!

Sims 2: just looks great. You can start as a child, and everything that happens effects their adult lives… just amazing how that all works…

RCT3: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - finally in 3d, and has night, AND you can ride your own rides in first person (finally) 'nough said there IMO =D

OK… I’m finally done… gg… Can i become the Official Gamer of the Forums!?! =D

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Doom 3 is pretty sweet. I broke my Radeon 9700 pro a few months ago and have been too lazy to get it fixed. So I’ve been trying to play Doom 3 on my XP 3000+, 512mb ram, and a freaking Geforce 2 GTS :confused: It’s pretty crippled… even with all the video settings on low (including the advanced options), it still runs pretty slowly… plus, killing off shadows and bump maps ruins the game for the most part. gets r9700p fixed before playing again

HL2… I’ve been playing Half-Life for 5 years, and waiting for HL2 almost that long.

HL2 most definitely. The only doom that Doom 3 can be is to itself.

My problem is I don’t have the money to make my computer play Doom3 of HL2 real well. I have the same system that I bought 3 years ago. Now, three years ago my 1.8 Athlon and 256ram was boss, but now it is showing its age, especially with the GeForce2 mx it has now. Maybe I’ll give one or the other a go after christmas, when prices drop on them and my new videocard.

Halo 2. I want Halo 2. I don’t have an X-Box, I want Halo 2.

My roommate has played through Fable, and I will right after I finnish KotOR as a dark jedi. :slight_smile:

But what I will likely BUY next will be SimCity 4. I play it far to much at my girlfriends house and am hopelessly addicted.


I own them both.