Door lock actuator shift?

We have a AM super shifter one of our teams may be using for our climber. We want to spin our intake fast to tangle up the rope than shift into low to climb. We would rather not use air for the shift. A car door lock actuator has the right throw and seems like a good amount of power. Has anyone done this before?

You could use the shifter servos AndyMark sells instead. I haven’t had any problems with them in the past.

Any particular reason you don’t want to use air?

I’ve seen some pretty big problems in the past with the servo versions, including sticking and binding, and even stripping out the servos.

We tried that once but it didn’t work well (especially while not moving) and then the servos broke. We swapped over to pneumatics after that event and never looked back.

There was a thread on this topic a few months back that looked at the feasibility of using door lock actuators though I never saw the conclusion or if anyone ever did any testing on it. I’d be interested to know how well it works personally, there are many years where our shifters are the only pneumatics on our robot and it would be nice to save the weight and not worry about air leaks.

We’ve been experimenting with door lock actuators for a couple of years now but haven’t had one on the competition robot yet. It’s hard to resist a 3/4" throw electric linear actuator for $5.

They definitely provide enough force for shifting (in our experience) but tolerate being stalled about as much as a RS-550, meaning not well. We have not tried detecting stall and backing off on the command to maintain position yet. These actuators backdrive easily and even the accordion boot over the shaft is enough to return the throw to roughly center position.