Door Lock Motor Wiring

Hi, so we have a door lock motor with two wires (positive and ground, obviously). We are using it to push our motor up to our robot’s intake wheels. My question is this: How can we hook this up to the arduino with only two wires? I know for motor controllers, they have a PWM cable that goes directly to the Roborio.::ouch::

So, do we have to put the wires into the PDP? Or do we put them somewhere else in order to program them. No variable speed is needed, we just need on and off.

My guess is that you have to hook it up to a motor controller, just like CIMs. Put the voltage in one direction, and it moves one way. Put the voltage in the other direction, and it moves the other way.

There is no + or - to the wires on a door lock motor. Put the power to it in one polarity and it will go one way, reverse the polarity and it will go the other way.

It must be connected to a motor controller that receives it’s power from the PDP and the signal controlling it must come from the RoboRio.

As Mr V said, the power has to come from the pd board, also, it neess to be controlled by a motor controller (as per R52) directly from the roborio (no arduino as per rule R68). However, you can wire it to any of the motor controllers or even the Spike relay (if you have one). Programmatically set the controller to full forwatd and reverse for the two directions.