Door Motors

Can we use motors from previous kit of parts if they were never installed on a robot? BOSCH Door Motor and Delphi Interior Motor

Kristy Sievert
Lake Effect 1674

absolutely not

No. Section 8: The Robot will tell you more.

The correct answer is that you may not use those particular motors in addition to the motors in the kit, but you may use them in place of the ones in the kit (like if you broke one of this year’s), assuming that the old motors are the same part number as the current ones. See <R27>, <R45>, and <R46>. You could use old CIM Motors in addition to the ones in the kit because of <R45>.

I believe you are refering to the motor in past kits that were designed as part of the early designs of our power sliding door system. Since they were NOT included in this years Kit of Parts, you are NOT allowed to use it.

Kit motors often change from year to year, ever so slightly - so be careful what ones you use. (we mark each motor with the year of the kit it came from - just to keep from mixing them up on the competition robot)