Double calls of OpenADC()?

Tonight, I found something interesting relating to the gyro code and Get_Analog_Value().

The initialization of the gyro code (Initialize_Gyro()) calls OpenADC(), but there is no call to CloseADC(), so that the ADC remains open. Get_Analog_Value() calls OpenADC() and CloseADC(). If you call Get_Analog_Value() after calling Initialize_Gyro(), it will call OpenADC() before the last call was closed. There are no handles to these, so I assume that if you close one, you close all.

Does anyone know if this causes a problem? Or is it ok? :confused:

After rewriting the the gyro/analog input code to use SetChanADC(), the code error light went away. Check my post in Unknown Blinky-light type Errors for the code.