double cap videos

Got to love them. and

Here is a double double cap in auton with 33 and 326 both putting up 2 tubes in auton.

I’m going to assume someone on my team has video of team 40’s double auton. They took a very different approach than these teams did.

Can you try to get a video up or describe it? I hadn’t even thought of multi-uber autonomous until our build leader texted me last night. >.<

~David 148 during finals

What did the 33 use for sensors?

I’m guessing a range finder and gyro.
Probably a pot on the arm…

They used encoders on the drive, and a gyro. I think a programmer on their team said they uses pot(s) on the arm.

(2) encoders

(1) 150degree/second gyro (we can saturate it in high gear, we run auto in low).

(1) 10-turn pot on the elevator
(1) 270-degree pot on the wrist

No range finders. No camera. No line following.

Much of the straightness and turning accuracy comes from the DualDrive. Ask us about it if you see us, basically we can independently move the rear two wheels on our 8wd to switch stance (fully automatically).

During auto, the elevator inputs are fed through the same state-machine that runs in teleop. It has its own thread that just listens for state requests and handles them, so if I want to do anything in auto, I can just call the set state machine VI and it will handle the rest.

Awesome, thanks for the insights!

Once again you prove, the simplest autonomous is often the best.
Cool that you used labview too.

Hopefully you guys will publish a white paper on this dualdrive.
I’m really curious about it.
Looking that the frame at 1:52 on your unveiling I can see the pneumatics on the back wheels.
Pretty cool…
Is it automated based on the gyro?

your 4 speed transmission is something I’ve always wanted to implement.
My dream drive is a mecanum with rotating rollers and a 4 speed transmission with 4 cims plugged into it.
a shifting holonomic drive :smiley: eeeeee