Double cim motors

Good morning.

We were wondering if anyone could provide insight into exactly what extra components (not found in kits) are needed to double up the cim motors on the kitbot.??


The kitbot should contain all of the parts necessary to drive the ToughBoxes with 2 CIM motors.

You will need four identical motor controllers (4 talons, 4 jaguars, or 4 victors, not 3 talons and a jaguar, etc) and the power cables leading to them. In addition, you will need a circuit breaker to put in the Power Distribution Board for each controller. Then, you will need two PWM y-splitters to ensure that both controllers are always putting the same output into the motor. Everything but the two extra controllers are included in the KOP.

can you use two jaguar on one side and two victors on the other?

You don’t want to do that because each side will but out a different speed and that would make it hard to drive.

I wouldn’t.
The Jags and Victors have different power curves and responce times.
Our team (FRC Team 1501) use Victors exclusively on drive motors. We haven’t had good luck with the Jags.
Although the Talons are good too.

God luck this year.

You’ll almost certainly want to have something motorized other than your drive. So split DC motor controllers up such that your drive uses one type and the manipulator(s) uses another type.

The rookie kit comes with two Victor 888’s and one Jaguar. You get a Vex / IFI voucher that is good for two more Victors or Jaguars. If you haven’t used that yet, get two Victors and then you will already have a set of four Victor 888’s.

Otherwise, Vex Pro marked down the price of Victors to $60 for the FRC season. That’s quite reasonable based on prices that have historically been charged for motor controllers.

I agree. I wish we would have ordered extra victor instead of jaguar, but we already did that…

So what do you recommend between the victor and jaguar for drive motors?

Our team decided to upgrade and go with the two speed transmission. We did some research on that, and it seems like it will work out best. Definitely worth the price. You will still need the extra motor controllers, but it will make it faster and more maneuverable than just doubling up on CIM motors.

Victor 888 and jags are both acceptable for drive motors. Between the two, I prefer victors.

That being said, we will be using talons this year.

Correction: It will let you choose, on-the-fly, between being faster and more maneuverable OR being slower and more pushy. If all you wanted was faster, it’d have been cheaper to go with a faster gear ratio instead.

I think by “more maneuverable” he meant better fine control (which you get with greater speed reduction).