Double DECCer 2017

This post reminded me that there isn’t a discussion thread for both Duluth Regionals yet.

Here are the teams competing at Lake Superior this year:

93 NEW Apple Corps
1714 MORE Robotics
1816 "The Green Machine"
2052 KnightKrawler
2227 Tigers
2264 Wayzata Robotics
2503 Warrior Robotics
2526 Crimson Robotics
2531 RoboHawks
2538 The Plaid Pillagers
2977 Sir Lancer Bots
3042 Cobalt Catalysts
3054 IceStorm
3102 Tech-No-Tigers
3134 The Accelerators
3275 The Regulators
3277 ProDigi
3291 Au Pirates
3293 OtterBots
3294 Backwoods Engineers
3740 Storm Robotics
3750 Gators
3755 Dragon Robotics
3840 Teens 'Nto Technology
4009 Denfeld DNA Robotics
4166 Robostang
4181 Quack Attack
4182 Minneota Vikings
4217 Scitobors
4230 TopperBots
4238 BBE Resistance Robotics
4260 BEAR Bucs
4360 Spudnik
4397 TEAM Clutch Robotics
4480 UC-Botics
4511 Power Amplified
4539 KAOTIC Robotics
4674 Robojacks
4728 Rocori Robotics
4741 WingNuts
4818 The Herd
4845 Lion's Pride
5253 Bigfork Backwoods Bots
5299 Winger Tech
5464 Bluejacket Robotics
5542 RoboHerd
5690 SubZero Robotics
5913 Patriotics
5998 E.A.R.L and the Chillbots
5999 Byte Force
6022 Wrench Warmers
6047 Proctor Frostbyte
6056 Brotherhood of Steel
6146 Blackjacks
6160 Bombatrons
6217 Bomb-Botz
6318 FE Freedom Engineers
6453 Bog Bots!
6663 Kamikaze Krew
6720 Walker-Hackensack-Akeley

Here are the teams competing at Northern Lights this year:

27 Team RUSH
525 Swartdogs
876 Thunder Robotics
877 North Star
1792 Round Table Robotics
2175 The Fighting Calculators
2202 BEAST Robotics
2491 No Mythic
2499 Industrial Revolution
2501 Bionic Polars
2502 Talon Robotics
2509 Tigerbots
2512 Duluth East Daredevils
2518 Spartans
2823 The Automatons
2846 FireBears
2861 Infinity's End
2883 F.R.E.D (Fighting Rednecks Engineering and Design)
2987 Rogue Robotics
2989 Star Tech
3026 Orange Crush
3036 DROBA Warriors
3122 The Alluminators
3130 The East Ridge Robotic Ominous RaptorS - the ERRORS
3212 YME Stingbots
3267 Mariner Robotics
3297 Full Metal Jackets
3298 ArrowBots
3313 Mechatronics
3367 COLA
3723 TEKnights
3754 TrekNorth First City Robotics
3883 Data Bits
4054 Robo Raiders
4174 Mustangs
4226 Huskies
4506 PioNerds
4607 The Coalition of Independent Students
4623 Flyer Robotics
4624 Rebel Alliance
4656 Rock Solid Robotics
4665 Predators
4786 Nicolet FEAR
4859 The CyBears
5143 ThunderHawks
5172 Gators
5232 Talons
5348 Charger Robotics
5595 NRHS TigerBytes
5653 Iron Mosquitos
5720 Jagobotics
5882 Titan Robotics
5929 The Jolly Robots
6044 Circuit Breakers
6132 Iron Rangers
6613 Gogebic Range Robotics
6707 RCW Jaguars
6758 Kasson-Mantorville

Lake Superior Stats
Previous Event Winners: 93, 1714, 1816, 2052, 2227, 2526, 3042, 3102, 4009, 4818
Previous Chairman’s Winners: 1714, 1816, 2052, 2526
Rookies: 6318, 6453, 6663, 6720

Northern Lights Stats
Hall of Fame: 27
Previous Event Winners: 27, 525, 876, 2175, 2202, 2491, 2502, 2512, 2518, 2883, 3130, 3313, 4226, 4607, 5172, 5232
Previous Chairman’s Winners: 525, 876, 2512, 3313, 4607
Rookies: 6613, 6628, 6707, 6758

Should be a good event! I’m really rooting for Lake Superior to come in clutch this year with the Double DECCer win. Northern lights has been dominant (no surprise :yikes:) with a 3-1 lead over Lake Superior.

Can’t wait to see all the teams up close in 2 weeks while volunteering.


  • Northern Lights is the stronger event by far. There are more high end teams, and there is also way more depth.

  • There will be a lot of competition for the Chairman’s Award in both events. In my opinion either 1816 or 1714 will win in Lake Superior, while 525 or 2512 will win in Northern Lights.

  • Lake Superior will not have enough consistent climbers to fill out all playoff alliances with 2 good climbers. This will give the top seeds a heavier advantage over the lower seeds.

  • Northern Lights on the other hand will have enough consistent climbers for the bottom alliances to have 3 climbers, but the top alliances will only have 2. I think this will lead to some lower seeds knocking off some of the top alliances.

  • Turning 4 Rotors won’t happen during quals at Lake Superior but will at Northern Lights

  • The winning alliance at both events will turn 3 Rotors*, have 2 climbs and score the most Fuel of any playoff alliance. They’ll also play the most effective defense of any playoff alliance.

  • Things will become much clearer after the Week 0 events.

*The winning alliances will be capable of turning 4 Rotors but won’t

You might be surprised by teams at the Lake Superior Regional

+1 :wink:

I would love that! I really hope to see the competitive floor in Minnesota continue to go up. I’m sure there will be many teams that exceed expectations this year which is awesome.

Good luck at Week 0 in Nevis this weekend! I really wish I could make it out there, I know it’ll be a really well run event.

Out of 64 teams, there won’t be 16 climbers? I think there will be a lot of teams that climb, but many will overlook the need to have an active touchpad mechanism… I hope the event proves you wrong, but I might be disappointed. This week 0 event in Nevis will be interesting. There are many teams that will be at Lake Superior that will be quite telling for this event.

Also, you don’t think 4 rotors will be started even one time? I hope you are wrong. If there is minimal defense played in a match where there are at least two good cycling robots, 12 gears is reasonable.

I would say most/all of my predictions are probably wrong. I’ve only seen 2 robots that will be competing at Lake Superior so I’m making my guesses based on previous years.

Mostly I just think the transition from team practice facilities to the real field will drastically lower the performance of teams. It’s hard to accurately replicate the limited visibility, and the difficulty in coordination between the Pilots and robots, as well as the traffic that your alliance partners will create on a practice field.

As for climbers, I bet 50+ teams at the event will have a climber on their robot. I just doubt more than 16 of them will be effective. Climbing last year was arguably easier than this year, and there weren’t 16 effective climbers at Duluth last year.

We will know more following Nevis Week Zero since 17 team in attendance will be competing at LSR.:smiley:

Following Teams are attending our Week Zero and are attending Duluth.
2503 3297
3102 3313
3134 3367
3275 3754
3276 5929
3277 6132

I really wish we were at the event this year but good luck to everyone attending.

Climbing last year was arguably easier than this year, and there weren’t 16 effective climbers at Duluth last year.

I’ll argue the other way:)

The acquisition of the rope is much simpler than getting connected to the bar last season so I would expect a lot more teams will be attempting to climb and as a result, there will be more teams climbing. I would expect a third of the teams will be reliable climbers and another 10 to 20 teams will be able to climb but have issues.

Looking forward to seeing what reality will be.

When is Nevis event? Is there a Web feed to watch?

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Probably… my bad!

So what did we learn about Minnesota teams from all the week 0 events?

At the Centurion-Krawler event, there was only one team that had a functioning ground gear pick up (2169) and seeing the amount of gears dropped by the HP zones during matches, ground gear pickup looks pretty valuable during elims and possibly the long run. Also some gears dropped into the teams fuel holders, which is somewhat concerning if they try and shoot with and agitator to move their fuel.

From what I noticed at the two MN week zero events I was at (CenturionKrawler and Southwest Hub):

  • A handful of teams (each event) could deliver gears in auton

  • Teams that could effectively deliver gears was not consistent. About 20-30% could do about 3-5 gears per match

  • Gears dropped from the feeding station hampered the robots.

  • Balls everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

  • Tall Bots fall over easily; driver practice will be key for these teams

  • Two teams (one at each event) could effectively shoot high goal with little accuracy

  • Consistent climbing was fairly sparse at both. Only 1 team could climb 100% at SWHub Week zero; at CK they did not have climbing on the field itself, but a few were able to climb effectively.

About 20-30 of these teams will be competing in Duluth - so it will be a show!
What else did people see at MN Week Zero events?

In Nevis there were a surprising number of teams that were successful climbers. In the afternoon practice matches were being done and there was one match that had 5/6 robots that activated the home made version of a touchpad. The high score for the day was 240 and we were low on gears so never placed the “free” gear on the airship which might have resulted in even higher scores.

Fuel was everywhere. They decided just to dump fuel in as a “worst case scenario” for driving purposes.

Very few tall configuration robots.

The lift carriages broke (our team made them from wood so it was probably our fault). The official springs were also getting kinked from robots smashing into them…anyone else see this? Will this be considered damage to the field? How kinked will they have to be before they replace them on the field?

Lots of robots that could place gears but many that put them on halfway or less so they fell off often.

Only a couple of decent high efficiency shooters but none at really high fuel per second.

Fouls will be interesting…reaching out of the airship was common but that may have been due to the home made version of the lifts.

Neutral zone vision is bad.

Communication is key…getting all of your alliance members to buy into a strategy where all can contribute and still stay out of each other’s way will be difficult.

Maybe someone else that was at Nevis has other opinions?

I share these observations. I’m a little bit afraid that some bad habits were picked up in the airship. We will be drilling and training our airship captain over the next week. Nevis was a great event overall.

Based off of my observations from week zero, here are some teams to look out for at Northern Lights:
3883: I was really impressed by their auto. They’re the only team in MN that I’ve seen attempt a gear and high goal auto. With some more fine tuning I think they could win NL
4207: 4207 had a gear auto, 3-4 gears during teleop, and a climber. With some more drivers practice they should be able to do 5-6 gears almost every match.
4607: They can do every, not only that, they can do everything well. They could improve their auto, but besides from that they look like a top tier robot in MN this year. They could be bringing home a new banner to Becker pretty soon.

Side note: I was trying to avoid the big names such as: 27, 525, 876, 2175, 2502, 2512, 3130, and 5172 (yeah, northern lights is stacked…) so more teams could get recognition for their amazing robots.

First I would like to thank Nevis for Hosting the Event! But furthermore, I do concur with a good amount of the Observations made from the Nevis Event.

There were only a few Autonomous times I saw that were successful for placing a gear(Ours for the very first match was, but there after tracking got off but now is remedied).

There were many difficulties with teams placing Gears (maybe 30% were lifted overall) because they were not pegged in far enough on the spring. When we came home we made that fix exclusively, to make sure the gear was pushed forward as far as possible.

We did see a lot (75% or greater?) of teams that had passive gear pegging mechanisms (requires the captain to lift the gear to be free of it). Of that, it would make Cycle time a little more difficult if you have multiple teams waiting for the lift.

I was impressed to see the amount of climbers and how successful they were all in all! Only one slipped off their rope towards the end. In one match we were in, all three on our alliance climbed before end of time.

I do agree though that the Captains Rules really need to be thoroughly enforced and reinforced about reaching and placements etc. There could’ve been some bad habits made, and we don’t want those to stem forward!

All in all though I think the Kids have done a nice job, and are very excited for the competition up ahead!