Double Decker in Duluth

Double Decker, week one, rushing to you! WHO’S READY TO RECYCLE!!!
If anyone has any questions about the city or venue, feel free to ask.

In addition, robot roll call? ::rtm::

I’ll be volunteering! Excited to see all of the teams.

We’re looking into bringing the 'Snow Problem robot up as well.

Also volunteering! Can’t wait!

Sorry for the mistake everyone, it is actually named the Double DECCer, not Decker.

For all attending, please fill out the following survey. Your input is greatly appreciated!

The best part about this event was competing for the Double Decker trophy between the 2 regional championship alliances at the very end.:slight_smile:

I’ll be volunteering at NL this year. 3081 won’t be there – they’re going to Wisconsin and 10K Lakes.

I might be coming for half tourism, half espionage about how the game is actually played to take to our week 2 district event.

Got excited because there’s a Duluth in GA too :frowning:

You can do that even better if you volunteer! I happen to know they’re still looking for (or were yesterday) an inspector and a couple of Safety Advisors. Gives you a good excuse to go and visit every single pit. If you’ve already cleared YPP I expect if you ask you shall receive.

Well, I’m only planning to come for Saturday (no need for lodging, then), especially since I might start work that week. Maybe sometime in the future it could work out since I wouldn’t be involved with the team that particular weekend. (and I’m cleared of YPP as alt. contact)

is there a link to register??

Volunteering is as always through VIMS.

Sometimes VIMS can be a little hard to find… especially the first time when going through the FIRST website.

You can log into VIMS here:

If anyone has any questions about volunteering in Minnesota, or about the roles you can volunteer for, shoot me an email at (my username) I’ll get you connected with the right people!

Lake Superior:

Northern Lights:

Event Coordinator:
lfshimizu (at) gmail (dot) com

Today is the last day to get your data in VIMS for a some of the key positions or they won’t have time to finish the YPP before the event, so get hopping! :slight_smile:

Definitely looking forward to Minnesota’s first chance to tackle a week 1 event! Perhaps most exciting, for me, is that we’re going to have 5 LRI’s under one roof that weekend. I don’t know of any other regional or district event that has that much experience volunteering to help teams!

That’s very exciting! Does this mean we’re getting close to having the critical mass for Districts? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope not. I despise the districts concept from a volunteer perspective. I’d rather see a fifth regional (Fargo/Moorhead or Rochester) than a dozen district events. I can do three weekends during competition season, but if the area goes to districts the expectation will be twice that and I can’t commit to that.

St. Cloud? I know there aren’t very many teams near the Fargo Moorehead area (something I’m making an effort to change) and there are already 2 regionals in the southern MN area (Minneapolis, close enough). There is no close regional for teams located right in the middle of Minneapolis and Duluth!

I agree, the number of volunteers would need to grow. I’m extremely happy that 2512 hosted an off-season event this year as off-seasons are a great way to grow your key-volunteer base.

That being said, if Minnesota were to magically switch to districts this year, I would be curious to see if the cost would be worth the benefit. I did a quick (in retrospect, maybe not so quick) analysis using last year’s numbers below

If we assume that district events have 40 teams at them, and that there are 186 teams in Minnesota, we would need 9.3 events in order to allow all teams to have two plays. That means we would need to round that number up to 10 events total (not including state championships) spaced out over 6 weeks. That would give us 400 spots for teams to compete at and there would be 28 spots left over.

If each event has a 12 qualification matches, that is 880 matches total (not including eliminations). Last year, there were 392 non-elimination matches played in Minnesota. If you take a registration fee of $5000 and divide it by the number of matches, you get a cost of $500/match for the regional system and $208.33/match for the district system.

If you were to run the district system in a FIRST Tech Challenge-type style where you have a host team that provides non-key volunteer support and a location to host the district event, I calculate you would need around 35 volunteers for each event, not including the host team volunteers. That is a total of 350 individual volunteer positions that need to be trained for and filled. If run with the assumption at all of our trained volunteers, volunteer twice in a season, that is 175 trained volunteers needed total (this number does not include state).

This is of course all hypothetically speaking and doesn’t really take into account that you would need to host a couple of 2 event weekends. Nor does it take into account that we would need an official MN non-profit to run all of these events.

In the end, I think that districts in MN would be a HUGE benefit to all teams but there are a few hurdles we need to leap through before we can get there.