Double Elevators


I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have a double elevator, on your robot? Like separate elevators, one for the cargo one for the hatches?


Is there some specific benefit to having two instead of one?

Do you have the weight budget for two elevators?


Putting aside the weight issue, the benefit would be that you could have two separate sub systems for cargo and hatches to keep them as effective as possible.


2590 was wildly successful last year with 2 elevators.


We did a 2 elevator system last year, grabber/climber. It was heavy. And poor. But i guess you can study 2590’s and learn from them.


We had two REV extrusion elevators last year. One was used for lifting the intake for scoring on the scale and the other was used for climbing. That worked well for us last year because we had the weight budget available and it allowed us to forego a shifting elevator gearbox or pneumatically actuated arm (no other pneumatics on the robot). We wanted to stay relatively rigid as we ascended so an elevator made the most since to us.

Considering that both game objects are about the same weight and are both light, having two elevators seems less useful but might still be a good decision depending on your comfort with designing complex manipulators.

Another option is to have one central elevator and then attach your manipulators to either side of the carriage. That would have basically the same functionality you’re talking about and avoid some excess weight.