Double Elimination Bracket/Schedule Generator (Google Sheets)

With double eliminations on the horizon, I created a Google Sheet to dynamically track event brackets and schedules. This is based on existing formulas I had in my Lead Queuing tool, but adopted for the new bracket.


You can use this sheet if you are a volunteer at an event trying to keep track of the schedule digitally and in real time, if you are a team and want to see your upcoming potential matches, or if you are like me and just want to run through a bunch of scenarios.

Full disclosure: I did this project for myself, to better understand how the schedule works and to be prepared to queue events in the new format. I’m hopeful that the new structure will become understood quickly and the official and community-based tools will help with this clarity. If this document is useless soon, all the better. If these changes take effect this coming season, I’ll update the Lead Queuer tool to include this.

Step 0: Click here to make a copy of the sheet

Step 1: Enter Alliance Data

Either manually in real time, or pull from TBA

Step 2: Track matches!

Option 1 (orange): Update the bracket (and watch the schedule update in real time!)

Option 2 (pink): Update the schedule (and watch the bracket update in real time!)

If you encounter any mistakes/errors, have a suggestion, or think of any questions, please let me know!


Damn A2 is stacked

Nice work Jared

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Very cool.

Another option that lets you share the schedule and record online is Their double elimination bracket matches the FIRST proposal exactly, just missing bumper colors.

Very cool, Jared!

Also for those events using Cheesy Arena, there is a live-updating bracket display with similar info (which we plan to set up in the queuing area during elims) as well as some graphics for the big screen / stream and a printable pdf bracket report. Note that these features are available this year for events using Cheesy Arena for standard brackets as well. Open to any more ideas on how to make things smoother for participants, spectators, and volunteers alike!


You have too much spare time!

That’s my problem, for sure.

Checks timestamp


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