Double-Elimination Ladder

There was a post requesting an image of the old double elmination ladder that FIRST used to use (back when it was 1v1v1). A hand filled in copy of the 1998 ladder was duly provided. In looking through some of my older files today, I realized that I had an archive of the Tigerbolt website. Well, what would I find in there but a typed version of the 1996 ladder.

Will this get me a shirt too? :wink:


I really like the double elimination way…but it would take a lot of time with todays games…I think.

i was going through and picking out teams that i recognized, when i spotted ‘E-systems & Lakewood’, which later became ‘BaxCAT’, and finally ‘Heatwave’, my high-school team. i never realized till now that we came so close to winning a national championship. you learn something new everyday, i s’pose.

Double elimination doesn’t really take longer because you don’t have to do best 2 out of three for each stage. With 8 teams, assuming no ties, a best of three finals will take 14-21 matches. A double-elimination finals in the same scenerio would take 11-12 matches.

If I remember right the deciding third match in the Finals was decided by a tie-breaker. Both teams scored the maximum points (56?) but Tigerbolt’s Large Ball was an inch higher than Lakewood’s.

Good times…

KA-108 :cool: