Double Elims District Points Are Kinda Weird

I was looking in the game manual and I found out how the district points will be calculated for double elims but there are 2 oddities I wanted to share

One is that being 4th place is worse than it was before with this bracket, in the past 1st would get 30 points, 2nd gets 20, then 3rd and 4th get 10, of course with the old bracket you couldn’t define who 3rd and 4th was unless you had an extra match so it makes sense.

What I find odd about the double elims points is that 4th place only gets 7 points now, not a massive loss but now winning 2 matches gets you less DP than it did before. I feel like it would have made more sense if 4th got 10 DP and 3rd got either 13 or 15 DP to reward them for getting a bit further than a lot of other teams

Secondly, the other odd thing is that they say that 4th place is “the loser of match 12” however it is literally impossible for the loser of match 12 to be 4th place because worst case scenario they lost match 13 making them 3rd place, I think they meant the loser of match 11 is 4th place.

This was pretty minor and might have been fixed in a team update I missed.

I made this topic to discuss the amount of DP 3rd and 4th are getting and see people’s thoughts on it.

The 7/13/20/30 structure awards the same total number of points as it did before, which I think was the point here.

Double check your match numbers with the structure from the manual:

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I thought I was just blind for a second but I realized FIRST swapped them around because I was looking at this slightly older bracket lol, my bad

Jon beat me to posting the updated tournament graphic.

Also this was done to keep the 2 “semifinalists” at 20 points total so not to throw off the balance of points between playoffs advancement, alliance selection, and rankings. If you increase the pool of points in one section in becomes “stronger” than it used to be.

There was some huff when the autonomous award was added that it threw off the “balance” but this was countered by the removal of the safety award shortly after.


I know it would add 2 additional points to the pool, but part of me was hoping for a split like this since the value of advancing increases by 2 points for each level, which is pretty elegant:
T-7th: 0
T-5th: 2
4th: 6
3rd: 12
2nd: 20
1st: 30

It does feel off to me that in the current system, moving from 5th to 4th is worth 7 points but moving from 4th to 3rd is only worth 6 points


I think we are just going to make a white board display in our pit to figure out who is playing who and when. That is until we get used to DE
I didn’t like how the points were diveied up either

6th to 4th is also worth 7 points, since 5th and 6th are indistinguishable.

I don’t see the jump here as too troublesome compared to 4th to 3rd.

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