Double Level 3 climb at Lake Superior Regional

First match of 4 versus 5 had a double level 3 climb. not sure if video will work from phone.


I knew it! I knew that was going to happen at some point. Congratulations to the alliance that pulled it off (though I honestly thought the first double-level 3 climb would occur with one bot partially hanging off the back left/right corner of level 3 and the other bot on the front right/left corner)! Honestly beautiful. I’m assuming the alliance that managed this feat got 1/3 to 1/2 their points from this alone. Seriously, though; that’s just amazing.


That was some fast posting; it literally isn’t even up on TBA yet.

1619 and 2410 pulled the same thing off in Quals 62 at Oklahoma yesterday.

they accomplished it again but still lost both matches.

Here is a better video of the climb. It took a lot of strategizing, but we are so happy that we were able to pull it off.

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Here’s another angle with the double climb, from right behind the scoring table.


We pulled it off with 1501 today but it needs refinement to count. Perhaps in the future, though… :thinking:

Teams 1123 (AIM Robotics) and 3793 (CyberTitans) did a successful double climb to the top at the Week 2 Bethesda Chesapeake District event. We didn’t get full points because AIM didn’t had one axle hanging half way down to the 2nd level. The referees said if it touches the face then they are told to consider it being supported by a lower level … aarrgg.

Team 1123 hung over the edge of L3 and dropped their rear axle onto the 2nd platform until Team 3793 was up then they were lifting their axle when the match ended. With a little practice they could do it again.

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