Double-Purpose Crates

Several teams - such as 233 and 359 - have crates that split in half and are used as storage and display space in their pits. We are considering the construction of such a crate, and are wondering how much they weigh (for the transport exemption) and how the two halves are joined for transport.

Many thanks, and we’ll see you at the competition.

Not sure but 4638 will start work on this soon

rolling on this

So far the design above without skin and wheels is “Mass = 333.40 pounds” its 95% 1" square steel tube. Its 97 long and 72 high. We may make it smaller but it holds everything but the bot. The tables fold up and go in the back and all the tools and parts in the front. We will purchase an inexpensive tool chest that will be the front center opening. Then our parts organizers will slide in top right and left. Still a lot of changes and consideration to go but in the process.

This many not be exactly what you are looking for, but MOE team 365 has done a very good job documenting their pit set up.
If you haven’t seen it in person i’m sure someone else on here could vouch for it but over all I think that its a good set up.