Double ramp rules

So when I brought up the idea of a double ramp climber to one of my mentors, he said there was a rule that disallowed it. He mentioned something about a game manual update, but I couldn’t find anything. Are double ramps still okay, or is it back to the drawing board?

The is no rule against double ramps. Update 1 defined CLIMBING as “fully supported by the SCALE (either directly or transitively) with BUMPERS fully above the BRICKS at T=0, not in direct contact with their PLATFORM, and not at all in the opponent’s PLATFORM ZONE”.

That rules out zany things like doing a barrel roll, and landing upside down with your bumpers above the bricks. Ramps will still work for getting CLIMB points for the two robots ON TOP of the ramps, because they’re not touching the PLATFORM themselves. The robot deploying the ramps can’t get CLIMB points without the levitate powerup (or actually climbing and lifting ramps + robots up), but that was always the case.

I do want to note that there should totally be a rule against Comic Sans, though. I think we can all agree on that one.

Nope, double ramps are fine. As Kevin said, TU1 only made some crazy fringe strategies illegal. Check the answers to our Q7 and Q17.

That’s a real shame because I was really hoping to see some robots flipping themselves over for that climb.

I was waiting to see these…

If only…


“I do want to note that there should totally be a rule against Comic Sans, though. I think we can all agree on that one.”

8-bit or System styles only this year… but could they use Comic Sans if they do a comics superhero theme some year?

“TU1 only made some crazy fringe strategies illegal…”

Like climbing on the power-up crates? :frowning:

Actually, correction to my post, I think the initial rules made the power cubes off limits for climbing.

You would be correct.

Personal Commentary:
Though I’m fine with the ruling, I am a little disappointed that this will probably dissuade teams from the alternative of latching together “a la Voltron” and attempting a tandem climb.

I don’t mean to throw a wrench in anybody’s workings, but according to my interpretation of G17, supporting any weight of a partner robot is not legal. Specifically the last phrase.

G17 states: “Don’t climb on each other until the end. Unless during the ENDGAME, or attempting to right a fallen (i.e. tipped over) ALLIANCE partner, ROBOTS may neither fully nor partially strategically support the weight of partner ROBOTS.”

Emphasis mine. You climb in the end game so it does not apply

Does anyone know if we use a double ramp, does the ramp part have to be completely on the platform? Or is it okay if only the part the alliance team’s robot sits on is on the platform?

My team is asking the same question right now. Our ramp design allows the robot(s) sitting on top of it to be fully supported by the platforms, but that’s only the physics part. Even if there’s no actual support being provided by something hanging off of the platform, if it touches the carpet is the entire climb invalidated?

I believe in this context “fully supported” means all the weight of the combined robots is supported by the platform. It would be OK if some portion of the robots you’re lifting were vertically above the carpet, as long as nothing is touching the carpet – because all mass is still “fully supported” by the platform.

But if any portion of one of your robots is touching the carpet, I doubt you’d be able to persuade a judge that the carpet’s not supporting your robot. Not to mention, if you droop that much then I’ll bet that robot’s bumpers won’t be 12" above the platform.

But as usual, best to Q&A this before you commit to design decisions.