Double six wheel drive

We are wanting to look into a 6 wheel double wheel drive so 2 wheels per 3 slots equaling up to 12 together

So 6 axles with 2 wheels on each?

Yeah it would be the basic chassis but instead of one wheel there would be two we wanted to know if any team has tried this and if it’s a possibility going into next year if the game calls for something like this years charge station

If you are looking into just more width than higrips these exist in a few flavors and hubs

One thing you need to be careful of is more wheel scrub. Drop center distance will become more important to keep an eye on.

so you are basically sticking with a 6-wheel tank but with 2x the tread-width?..more traction area but also more severe lateral scrub when turning… what are you trying to accomplish?

No we are just looking into innovating ideas we could try and we thought this one up

Nothing especially at this point just different ideas for drives going into next year

The scrub is the main concern, on a KOP chassis there is no reason you couldn’t try ganging up a pair of higrips. The drop center is more than adequate. You may need longer axles and other hardware to make it work, but in theory there is no problem with this.

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We ran a 10 wheel with overlapping wheels for stronghold, 5 per side. It was interesting and worked great for getting over the bumps. We wanted to avoid getting the frame stuck on a bump with no wheel touching the ground. It was a kitbot with 4 sets of belts per side. It ensured we would stay on top of any hole, sort of like a tread in a way.

Disclaimer: We were basically rookies, but it felt like we did something cool. There were better solutions, I am sure, but we had fun with that idea.


Not double six wheel, but I thought this one was cool. Snapped the picture during inspection at MISJO.

5462 2PawR has enough points to go to MSC. Looking forward to seeing that robot again!

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