Double Solenoid Clicking but not send air

Basically when you hit A on xbox contoller the Double Solenoid clicks and the light on the pdm turns red but air doesn’t come in or out.

public DoubleSolenoid gearshifter = new DoubleSolenoid(RobotMap.DRIVE_TRAIN_FORWARD, RobotMap.DRIVE_TRAIN_REVERSE);

// Put methods for controlling this subsystem

// here. Call these from Commands.

public void ShiftUp(){



public void ShiftDown(){



The first thing I would do is try applying 12v to the solenoid using the physical wires against a battery and seeing if that works. If that doesn’t work then your problem is hardware. You could also check to make sure that both of your port numbers are correct.

Also check the plumbing of the air hoses into the solenoid to be sure they are in the correct ports.
Make sure the exhaust ports are not blocked.

  • One inlet hose connected
  • two outlets to either end of a cylinder
  • two open exhaust ports

You can test the solenoid alone by depressing the manual buttons incorporated into the solenoid.
Placement varies by solenoid model, and some are under covers, e.g.,

Second thing.

The first is to make sure that you’re supplying 12V to a 12V solenoid and 24V to a 24V solenoid, whichever is appropriate.

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Eric is referring to the jumper in the middle of the PCM that selects 12v or 24v solenoids.
Make sure your selection matches the rating printed on the solenoid.

This is almost definitely the issue—we somehow manage to do this every time we use a new PCM…

If it’s clicking, it sounds like the electrical part is likely OK. Check the plumbing as @Mark_McLeod suggests. Check all, but in particular, verify that the inlet hose is connected to the correct port. Also note that most FRC solenoid valves are air-piloted, meaning that you will need a certain minimum pressure (typically about 30 psi) on that input line for the switch to actually change state.