Double Solenoid Wires

Looking at the pneumatics guide the picture they have of the double solenoid (the t looking one) shows the wires connected to the side. On ours there’s just the pins and no connector.

I looked around our shop for like 2 hours and couldn’t find anything. Do we have to make our own or can we buy them and get them really really soon?

where are you located? i might be able to mail your our extra from last year.

they defently came in the kit though, they are very small so keep one of the new guys looking.

just look in your pneumatics box… if you see wires then these are what you are looking for. (they took me about a 30 minutes to find)

we are using two of them so we would need 4 of the connectors.

We’re in Irvine California and we’d pay for shipping and might be able to give you something in return? :yikes: ?

Thanks for the offer

Look for an SMC distributor near you. That would probably be fastest. They can tel yu the part number you need ad get it to you quick.