Double Solenoid won't move

We’re coding in Java, we’ve made two Solenoid objects which are connected to the joystick. The lights on the solenoid breakout turn on and off, and so do two lights on the double solenoid. However, the solenoid doesn’t move in either direction when one side is on and the other side is off.

One bizarre thing is that we get the same effect when we spin one of the connectors in the solenoid breakout 180 degrees, switching the signal and ground wires.

The solenoid works perfectly when manually activated, so we know that our air tubing is fine.

Has anyone succeeded in controlling their double solenoid with code? We’ve reached a dead end.

Team 3419

If you are using the Festo Double Solenoid that came in this years kit of parts, it requires 24V as opposed to 12V. You would have to power the solenoid breakout via the two available connections on the PD board with the CRIO. The power distribution diagram is shown here

We had the same problem. The lights were coming on but it wasn’t doing anything. After searching for help, we found a thread that discussed this years solenoids being 24V instead of 12V. We haven’t had any problems since.

Yup he is right with 12v connected the lights on the solenoid will light up but the solenoid wont switch. You need to connect the solenoid breakout to the 24v output where the cRIO feeds from.

Yep that was it, thanks!

My team is having the same problem; we are using the festo that came in the 2010 kop and manual override works fine, we also connected it to the 24v output in the cRIO, but still the piston won’t fire remotely. Any ideas? Also, we are using labview. Any and all help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.