Doubling it up in 2007

What teams have been both the champions and Chairman’s award winners at their regionals in 2007? This is quite a feat, and these teams deserve all of our utmost respect.

Team 126, Gael Force, won both the competition and the CA at Boston today. It was amazing, and they deserve all of it.

So, have any other teams done this? Any predictions as we round out the regional season? Can we hope for 2005 all over again, where will crown an international Champion and Chairman’s Award winner?

I guess we will see!

does it have to be both at one regional? If not, 190 won CA at BAE and took the win at SVR. 503 also had a regional win and CA at their first regional, but I don’t remember which on that is

Team 503 Frog Force won Chairman’s and the Competition at Great Lakes.

Cyber Blue Team 234 won the Chairman’s Award and were Regional Champions at the Boilermaker Regional.

Oh, and I believe 75 won CA and Regional Champs at two different competitions this year as well

We got CA in New York and Finalists in New Jersey, not quite as good but not too shabby either

It wasn’t CA but 537 won both EI and the regional in Wisconsin.

Team 1657 won the GM/Technion Israeli regional and chairman’s award (second year in a row).

Team 597 won chairmans and were finalists in Las Vegas.

462 in Bayou!