DOW Shaping the Future Video Contest

Please click the above link and vote once every 24 hours to help out team YETI! Don’t forget to check out the other cool entries while your at it :smiley:

Our team’s video can be found here also :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone competing!

Please take a look at our video and consider voting:

Please see our video at the following link:

Given that there are many FRC teams that are submitting for this award (mine included!), I think this thread serves little purpose (why should teams who happen to post on Chief Delphi benefit from votes of total strangers?) and would implore people, if they vote, to do so based on an honest appraisal of the merits of the various videos.

I agree and disagree.

This contest has two aspects: the video and the social media.

I think it is perfectly fine to share your video on CD, but the video should be able to speak for itself in terms of quality.

I also think this thread serves a good purpose to keep submission posts together, instead of having multiple threads on CD.

All of that said, 5039’s video:

Nobody stands a chance against the Brazilians :eek:

You can vote for my team’s video here:

We are 5th at time of posting and really need that money to go to St. Louis.

Might as well put my animation up here too then. :smiley:
Good luck to everyone in the race against time and let the best video win.

~5414 Imagery Lead

What the f*ck Brookline, 3000 votes in like 5 hours.