Down to 20 Finalists for the Autodesk Design Award: 3D Animation!

Hi everyone,

I am very pleased to let you know that we received over 100 entries this year for the Autodesk Design Award: 3D Animation category. Our Autodesk team of judges have selected 20 teams to go on to phase 2, where a panel of professional judges from Electronic Arts, Dreamworks, Full Sail University, Animation Mentor, Intel, Digital Tutors and more will be ranking and judging the top 20 for FIRST Championships.

We will be sharing the top 20 list soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck to the finalists!

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Any news on where or when they will be posted? Thanks!

Is there any information as to who the 3D Design finalists are? Will that be published?

Hello -

We have announced the finalists for the 3D Animation 2012 Excellence in Design Award - 3D Animation category, please visit “Awards Tab” for the detailed list!

Congratulations to everyone who entered this year, and to the top finalists as well.

The entries were really excellent this year, we were all very impressed!


Thank you! I was ecstatic to see out team’s number on there :smiley:

We are equally excited to see Team 111 is a finalist. Good work to everyone who entered, I think the extended competition time really increased quality this year.

Good luck to the other finalists!

Nice to see our sister school (1987) get some recognition for their animation work. A fantastic team that we get the pleasure of working worth on a regular basis. Congrats and good luck.

Congratulations to all the finalists! You did a great job!

It’s great to see my old team (201) and their sister school (245) on this list! I shared this with the team’s animators and they are ecstatic! Thanks for posting!

Congrats to MORT! If you did not see their animation yet, check it out. It is hilarious!

Big congrats to my best friends on team 250!!!

Team 11 MORT The Zap
Team 20 The Rocketeers Learning by Heart
Team 111 WildStang School of Tomorrow
Team 192 Gunn Robotics Limitless
Team 201 FEDS The ALIEN Program
Team 230 The Gaelhawks Step into the Future
Team 245 Adambots Adams Creek
Team 250 The Dynamos Educ.ThruADiff.Lens
Team 341 Miss Daisy The Miracle of Science and Technology
Team 359 The Hawaiian Kids FIRST Education
Team 662 RMR Iiko Academy
Team 694 Stuypulse FIRST Responders
Team 1517 The Lumberjacks Learn Your Passion
Team 1987 The Broncobots Change Their Minds
Team 2062 C.O.R.E. The New Way to Learn
Team 2443 Blue Thunder Learning Center
Team 2481 Roboteers FRC2012_team_2481
Team 2773 Pigmice iikoNET
Team 3132 Thunder Down Under STEM Is Just Awesome
Team 3296 The Neon Knights Let the Iikos Help
Team 3705 ArrowBots “The Bright Idea”

Those are the finalists. Pretty excited to see our team make it considering we haven’t had an animation team until 3 years ago.

Right on 359!

Good job everyone! I hope that next year our team will do better. Can’t wait until Monday to see the final judgement!