down with black t-shirts

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**well…we just got black t-shirts…and they were quite popular at deleware…everyone was trying to steal them from us and offering us all sorts of cool things… actually they are black and blue. very pretty. **

It’s Delaware! WITH AN A! Jeez. Actually I did get a lot of compliments on our shirts, they were popular :slight_smile: I’ll try and get a pic up later.

like your shirts (you have the same style as ours just with blue flames instead of the yellow/red ones we have) if you really want to stand out, use neon colors (i.e. MOE’s bright green soccer jerseys) or bright colors.

Auhg…I bot one of those cool Duel on the Delaware shirts and it was taken/lost/misplaced or something. So I went and got another one. Sheesh. 20 bucks for a shirt :confused:

20 bucks? really? i got one that said “crew” on the back and it only cost me 10… grin

If you are really concerned about your team-mates getting overheated: try calling up Rose City Textiles in Portland Oregon and have them send you some swatches of whatever they have in black for different ventilating meshes (not as see through as it sounds) or a fabric they list as COOLMAXtm. Some of the sports fabrics they carry have a nice lumincecsent quality when under certain kinds of lights and would look really cool. There are weaves and knits that will appear flat black, but reflect different colors when you move and light hits them from different angles. Some will even have a subtle to mor obvious sparkle to them.
You can purchase the fabric in bulk really cheap if you can order it through your school (non-profit, business type customer rating). Then get somebody’s mom who can sew to make them for you. Makin T-shirts is basic quick work. I know a woman out in Utah who might do it for you.

Er…wait a minute. You’re out here on the east coast. Send it to me and I’ll do it for five bucks a shirt plus shipping. (unless of course you have like eighty team members. That might be hard)

If all else fails with the black; I haven’t noticed any teams that wear a lovely pale pink! JK!

If all else fails with the black; I haven’t noticed any teams that wear a lovely pale pink!

You haven’t seen the Space Coast team have you? They wear buttons that say ‘Real Men Wear Pink’

And yes … they do wear pink


Actually there is a team that wears florecscent pink. They have Think Pink as their slogan and the guys have shirts that say “real Men Wear PINK”. I think they are from Florida.

I forget their number though.

I think Miss Tree is right about the “lovely pale pink” though. Such a color might acutally stand out at Nationals, it being so much more subdued than what everyone else is wearing.


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Whether something gets hot in the sun or not depends on the ratio of its emmisivity to its absorptivity.


Only on here :smiley:

i haven’t posted in a while… much school work… anyways…

White is a bad idea for the girls when they start handing out FIRST water. But, black is really bad if you’re going to Nationals. Go for grey.

“TBD, USA” … if Nationals is held in Florida, that is… :confused:

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**20 bucks? really? i got one that said “crew” on the back and it only cost me 10… grin **

Well…I meant it to show that I bought 2 shirts for $10 each :confused:

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**Well…I meant it to show that I bought 2 shirts for $10 each :confused: **

Sorry, she’s a little slow sometimes :slight_smile:

She just wants you to be jealous that we got crew shirts :smiley:

Hey listen wear what ever colors you want but dont wear a 30lbs hat on ur head cause it gets hot under there

If it was my choice, I’d go with blue, green, NEON YELLOW, or black.

I have a neon shirt laying around and whenever I wear that people can spot me out a mile away (it is fun)

The black shirts were not as bad as i thought they would be in Florida last year. I was on crew in Florida and the black “CREW” shirts were pretty hot but not unbearable. My team (330), however decided to use mainly white shirts due to the excessive heat.

Even if you were in a completely white shirt in Florida, you would still be hot. It is extremely how and the heat will give you heat exhaustion pretty quickly no matter what you wear. The important thing is to stay out of the sun as much as possible (Thankfully most of the fields are indoors.) and drink a lot of water. (Those pesky mentors forcing you to drink enormous amounts of water are actually doing a good thing. Tts better to drink water than have EMS end up giving you an IV due to dehydration.) But overall i think the black shirts were hotter, or at least felt like it. But in the hot Florida sun pretty much anything gets hot quickly.

fact: Florida is hot no matter what color shirt you wear
fact: people like getting wet when they are hot
fact: white shirts become indecent when wet

i really didn’t care what color shirt my team wore last year, long as it wasn’t white. Guess what they picked.

In 2001, our team made the mistake of having our team shirt be long-sleeved and black… Boy am I glad I wasn’t in the group who went to Nationals…

Wait a second… :frowning:

Our team got denim shirts as our saturday shirt back in 2001…they were really nice, but it was almost unbearable…those things got really warm…

Doesnt matter the color, just make sure the shirts are cotton…

Ah yes black T-Shirts. Very Cool for NYC and UTC New Haven Last year, not so good in Fla. Way to hot. lol

Anyways, this really sucks, I have an idea for shirts this year for our team but I have been pricing these types of shirts and they cost like $35.00 each to make them, and that is the bulk rate.
Not Good!!!

Arghhh, maybe I’ll just have one made @ 50.00 for myself and then see what everyone thinks. Oh yeah!

I wonder if cotton pants would be good lol.

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**Doesnt matter the color, just make sure the shirts are cotton… **

… the fabric of our lives.

Quote from George of the Jungle:
“Im chafing Max, im chafing.”
“You moron i told you to always wear cotton in the jungle. Cotton breathes.”

I also agree with the Flordia thing. I went to Disney World in March 2 years ago and it was at least 95+ every day. Boy was i sweaty.

Please no wet T-shirt contests either. We are sophisticated people here… or are we?