Downgrade Photonlib version in VSCode

I accidentally updated my photonlib on VSCode to the most recent version and now I have a mismatch between the coprocessor photon version and the code’s photon version (Photon version v2023.4.2 does not match coprocessor version v2023.3.0!). I am not able to update the photon version on the coprocessor right now but I still want to be able to test my vision code so I wanted to know if there was a way I could downgrade my VSCode Photon version from 2023.4.2 back to 2023.3.0.

You should just be able to manually change the version in the vendordep JSON to the original version. However, we will always reccomend upgrading to the latest version when providing support so I reccomend you just update your coprocessor :smile:

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photonlib.json (1.2 KB)
Here’s a 2023.3.0 json file, if you need it.

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Ok, thanks! I know i have to update the coprocessor sooner or later but build decided to put the coprocessor in an inconvenient location so its really hard to access it.

Reaching the microSD card is a perennial problem but it could be worse. Once my build team saw the robot at 125+ pounds and wanted to remove the coprocessor to save weight!

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You don’t need to remove the sd card to update- if you’re using the raspberry pi/limelight image, you can update using the web interface, otherwise, you can ssh into the coprocessor and upload/download the new jar file to replace the old version.