Downgrading Vista to Xp

Last september i got a laptop with vista home premium installed the model number is HP Pavilion dv9233cl Notebook PC i know i should dl the drivers i plan on dling the to a partition. but there are a few things that im afraid of…

  1. if i do reformat although ive had done before (today was my thrird time reformating my laptop) but reformatting to Xp will my partitions be affected.
  2. am i to buy an xp program?

basically i just want somone to guide me through step by step i dont want to mess it up. also after the reformat and the installation of the drivers

please help vistas annoying me so much


personally i dont see why you want to do this but i bet there’s a help file on the microsoft website

First of all, you will need a copy of Windows XP and an appropriate license. Not only will it not work without it, nobody here condones “bypassing” any legal issues…

You won’t need to partition your HDD as long as there’s a partition available for XP to live in. If you want to get rid of Vista completely, just format the HDD, put in the XP CD and boot from it (the BIOS may need a tweak to allow this). The CD will walk you through the install, about 40 minutes typical.

One thing to be careful of: Vista supports certain hardware, but XP supports less. If XP does not support your hardware, you’ll have problems. I recommend a phone call (or web site vsiit) to HP to ask about that.


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