Download code, restart robot, no work

we’ve managed to download the code and now it runs. but when we turn off the robot and turn it back on, it doesn’t work. we keep having to repeatly download the code each time. we have heard about something called dependencies, could someone please elaborate more on this?

You’re downloading the program to RAM, but you need to download it to flash to get it so survive between reboots. This can be done using the “deploy” option in FIRST downloader

where is the deploy option? :o

If you’re using windriver, it’s under FIRST and then “deploy”

unfortunately, we are actually using LABView, would you happen to know where it is?

Explained here.

Making your LabVIEW application start when the cRIO boots

This question should be a FAQ.
Is there a FAQ?

after your done fixing any problems or such, go to (in project explorer) right click and click build

FIRST Community FAQs

can someone explain where the is, because in our project explorer, there isn’t a “” there is a “basic robot” but when i right click it, there is no option for build :confused:

what can cause a failure to deploy?

I build it, and when I click on set as startup, it fails at “Deploying FRC Basic Robot Deployment”

Don’t right click the VI. Right click the thing at the bottom of the project explorer tree. (Without access to LabVIEW at the moment, I cannot remember the proper name for this thing.)