Download LabVIEW for 2014

I noticed a new link on that states Download FRC 2014 Software. It’s a 5gb download of LabVIEW 2013.

It looks like there’s now an option for teams that lose DVDs.


Thanks Joe! :slight_smile:

Finally! That was an issue with our team one year. It really sucked losing that DVD. Glad there’s an option around it.

As a policy I make ISO images of all DVD’s the day of Kickoff.
When we take inventory of our KOP I start making images.

That way we never need to “find it” we can make as many as necessary.
It’s also nice to have it, when you don’t have access to the internet.

Downloading it now. 3 hrs on the connection I have currently have.

Two questions:

  1. Where and when can we get the serial number needed? (Assuming one will be needed.)
  2. Do we need to uninstall last year’s version before installing this ne one, or can we just install it on top of the previous version?

I assume the serial number will be distributed with the Kit Of Parts.

Since last year’s LabVIEW for FRC will be expiring in a few weeks, I don’t see any reason to keep it around. I think it’ll just be confusing to have both versions installed.

Two notes of interest from the NI download page:

You must activate this software with your FRC Team Serial Number after kickoff.

This installer includes the LabVIEW 2013 Professional Development System, FRC tools, the driver station support software, and NI Vision Development Module 2013. All components require you to download software updates after kickoff. Visit the for more information about the software updates after kickoff.

Has anyone managed to download the software? I started the special downloader a couple of days ago and it told me it was going to take many, many hours to get the 4.9 GB file. So I was patient, letting the laptop stay on overnight. When I checked in the morning, it then said it was going to take even more hours to get the 8.9 GB. I just resumed the download after a long day of travel, and now it says it’s going to take yet more hours to get the 12.9 GB.

I don’t know what to expect now.

I downloaded the zip file with no problem. Did not use the special loader

I also downloaded the ZIP in about 1 and a half hours.

I was able to download it in about 2 hours, using the special downloader.

I down loaded the file in about 20 min. 5,142,187 KB.

But could not open the ZIP file. “The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted”

I tried it twice using both methods

That’s the same size as mine. I was able to unzip and install.

Install? Sweet!
Did you need a serial #? If so, where did you find it and what was it?
If not, are you just using the trial mode?


I’ve installed it in trial mode.

I’m not certain, but I’d bet a lot that the serial number will be in the LabVIEW envelope in the KoP.

I currently have last years software for LabVIEW downloaded on my computer, and after loading it up i noticed that when prompted to select what you wanted installed, the options say 2013, so does that mean that i do not need to install that software, and that i should just regularly install the updates on kickoff?

Does it wipe out the old version of LabVIEW (assuming you had it installed?) and does it come with the WPILib or do we have to wait until kickoff for that?

Last year was is FRC 2013, based on LabVIEW 2012. This is a new version. When all updates are availible after kickoff, it will be FRC 2014 based on LabVIEW 2013.

It does not wipe out older LabVIEW installations. As Mark quoted from the page, you need to wait for kickoff.