Download location of WPIlib

Trying to get my computer up to speed for the coming season. The directions to install WPIlib I found here. WPILib Installation Guide — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation
Say to download from GitHub here:

But the word “Download” does not appear on that page. Maybe they do this to keep Google from indexing it.

Anyway, the download is in the “Assets” section after the release notes.

My comment is that it would be helpful if the directions said to download from the “Assets” section rather than just dumping the user into the rather sophisticated GitHub page that leads you to lots of other buttons and links.

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This is an awkward time to get “up to speed”. WPILib is in beta right now for the 2023 season. If you are part of the beta then you will access those files with the instructions you were given.

Anyone who has feedback like this should absolutely open a issue on the documentation (or even fix it by submitting a PR of the correction).

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Whoa! This is a perfect time for FRC participants to get up to speed for the upcoming FRC season! Good on you, blturner, for supporting your team in this way. It’s fine that your team’s ramp-up does not follow the timing of the wpilib dev cycle, why would it?

As a wrench-turner my experience jives with this feedback, I have also felt that I was dumped onto a busy GH page with no further instructions about where to click. If I see a GH issue about this, I promise I will click the like button on it.

I propose adding this non-suspicious big green download button to


Good point I should have phrased that better! I need to get out of my silo and consider where everyone is at. Any time is a good time learn.

When you said get your computer up to speed for the coming season I took that as you wanted to install software usable for the coming season which isn’t available right now. What I should have said is that a new version of the software will be released for the 2023 season so remember that you will still have to install the new software when it is released


There have also been members on my team that have been confused by the GitHub link with no instructions. I’ve made a PR in to the docs with some changes that I think could help.


Yes, I knew I needed another version when the season starts. But as you may know, I only did Labview FRC programming 4+ years ago. I need to read some more of this Java stuff before I can be any help to my student programmer. I don’t plan to actually program the robot on this computer. But I may need the full setup so I can review his work and help when he gets stuck.

Michaelyu, thanks. I knew there had to be an official way to ask for this, but as I was already lost and did not see how to do so on either of the pages, I posted here. This is everything I hoped would happen.

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