Download mirrors for the 2006 Manual

Please post your 2006 Rules mirrors here.

Please do not reply unless you are posting a mirror so we can keep this clean.

Please pick somewhere random on the list, not just the top or bottom so that this is relatively fair on all our bandwidth.

Mirrors: (updated whenever I get a chance) Thanks me:)! - Thanks Venkatesh! - Thanks fnsnet! - Thanks Noan Melamed! - Thanks UrsaMnet! - Thanks Eldarion! - Thanks Rohan_DHS! - Thanks Mike AA! - Thanks SilverStar! - Thanks scitobor 617! - Thanks Josh Hambright!

If we hit 12 mirrors I will stop adding to the list, that is more than enough.
(current: 11)

637 Mirror:

//edit for simplicity all docs are zipped into that one file.

Oh man, I read the title of this thread and assumed there was some new rule about having mirrors your robot.

I’ve got kickoff on the brain :rolleyes:

Team 1540’s Mirror:

I have a mirror at:

team 1620’s mirror:

i’ll make an index file friday mornin if I can

CoralCache mirror. 250+ distributed caching servers =)

here’s another incase those get busy

Good luck everyone!


Here’s another one…

Here’s mine/Team 617.

I mirrored them on IndianaFIRST as well:

Team 1541’s mirror

heres one for ya

For some reason I do not seem to be able to edit my post to add links. If any mod reads this please lock this thread, we have 13 mirrors, more than enough.

Its very odd though, I just don’t have an edit button on that post.

The forum software has a time limit on editing posts. I think it is in the region of 24 hours.

Sounds about right then. If an admin would lock, thanks.

I will be hosting a mirror of the fully unencrypted manual as soon as I can on the TechnoKats website. I’ll be sure to put it here…

(p.s. I usually combine all the pdfs into 1 for ease.)

Package with the 11 PDF’s inside.

Good luck teams!

My mirror has been updated with all the stuff from the website except the “Kit of Parts Checklist and Photo Album”, as it does not seem to exist on their server. :smiley:

I just uploaded the full KOP, unencrypted manual, and all the other relevant PDFs I could find on the FIRST site.