Download Pathfinder?

Does anyone know how to download pathfinder? I used the link it says in the online install but nothing happened and I can’t find the Jason to manually install it.

Why are you trying to use PathFinder? Please use the new WPILib trajectory stuff instead, you will have a much cleaner experience.

From the top of the Readme

BUILDS FAILING, CAN’T FIND MAVEN? See here: Important changes to Pathfinder hosting

To explain in further detail on Jason’s post:

Pathfinder was one of the more primitive forms of path planning for FRC. It’d generate unique timesteps for your robot to execute and produce those instructions blindly. Jaci has said that development has ceased given the rise of WPILib’s built-in path planning stuff. Modern pathing in WPILib makes use of a Ramsete controller (a type of unicycle style controller which isn’t strictly holonomic) Even given all of that, you can still use the PathWeaver front-end all the same to produce usable, fast pathing for FRC. Just be sure to follow the WPILib instructions!


FWIW: We cloned a copy into our repo and updated build.gradle to reference it.

We did this specifically because it was working “good enough” for actual 2020 season competition autonomous paths on our robot, and migrating to the new WPI path-following paradigms was not high enough on our priorities list.

However, the solution was not sufficient to successfully complete IR@Home challenges.

As others have noted, take a look at the instructions in the readme. I took the maven down about a year ago since Pathfinder is now obselete and I don’t have the time or resources to maintain it. I’d recommend using the WPILib trajectory planning instead – it’s much more up to date and user-friendly for the majority of FRC teams.

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