Downloaded models

It’s taken ages to get the ‘plot’ done, and I had one quick question before I got too involved in modeling - are downloaded models allowed if credit is given (Eg. credits - XXXX model,, name)? I do modeling myself, but I’d like to have a failsafe done ASAP (downloaded models, textures and animation/sfx/compilation by me). That way I can update components as I build them, and if I don’t get them done I don’t have to worry. Thanks! (I have to finish up some homework, so I can’t check the rules now, but I did already search).

Good luck to all participants!

edit: Does autodesk ever define a storyboard?

never really has. Just make a rough sketch of what it is, whith some explanitory captions. Don’t spend years on it. Its supposed to be used as a clarifying tool i think if the judges are completly confused.

In the consent form, you agree to use no third party claims, textures, songs, models, or what have you. The judges, from the previous things I’ve seen, care more about your ability to present your team and first favourably, rather than how appealing it is, although that obviously does help.

So even FCL/FIRST supplied parts are out? :eek:

No, I would think not since stuff like that is given to you by them. I personally don’t like using anything of anyone elses, even if it means I do grunt work for hours. I find it much more satisfying and I’m able to add more detail as I see fit.

Sorry to keep beating a somewhat-dead topic, but what makes that different from 3dcafe? The author chooses to post the model, that’s like giving it to you.

And I must agree with you, I get much more satisfaction when I model my own things, its just that as a single person animation team, my time is definately at a premium. I model in my free time, but with deadlines looming I’m starting to look for alternatives (temporary or otherwise).

I’m in the same boat as you, I’m the only one on my animation team. I feel it’s different from 3DCAFE because the FIRST supplied parts are given to you, it’s like things for building your robot, they are given to you and you can use them.

I’ll try and log in to the Q+A later tonight, I don’t know my teams account name yet…

That line is talking about a teacher or guardian signing for you with your permission, read this line…

“The entrant represents and warrants that the material is by the entrant free of any liens or claims of any third party.”

Thanks, I’m officially an idiot. I’ll let this topic die in peace now. :slight_smile:

Nah, you aren’t dumb, this sort of thing has debated more than a few times. Atleast you asked before taking.