Downloaded program, but no response

we assembled electrical components and control system, then pushing our joystick forward makes our motor spin…so i guess we did the benchtest?..

then, i updated the cRio firmware and driver station firmware and also changed all ip adresses.

we downloaded the basic code from the dvd and then updated it, then deployed it to the cRio.

we still have our jaguar pwn connected the first slot. we powered everything on, yet all we get now is flashing yellow lights.

does anyone know if we missed a step here?

Did you reset the robot after downloading code?

Thank you for your quick response. We did not know that.


We redownloaded the program, then press reset, then the yellow status light on the cRio went on and then off

and then we turned the power off, plugged in the wireless bridge.

Then, we turned everything on, waited, and it is still flashing…

Did you use update version 7 in the imaging tool?

I assume you mean the jaguar lights are flashing. From my experience, there are two reasons for this light to flash: (1) not connected to a motor and (2) not receiving signal from pwm (a programming or connection issue).

Do you get a battery voltage display on the DS or some other message?

i believe flashing yellow lights are normal
to download programs to the robot you turn everything on and deploy the code to the crio using the white arrow in labview, make sure the robot is set to disabled on the driver station. then you can simply enable the switch on the driver station. if you turn the robot off after you download the code, then the code will be deleted because its only in temporary memory. to make it permanent in labview you right click dependencies and click build. then you right click dependencies and click run at startup.